Grants for single moms in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Grants for Single Mothers in Omaha and Lincoln

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Indeed, Nebraska single moms living in Omaha and Lincoln, the two most populous cities in this state, are lucky. There are many non-profit, non-governmental and governmental groups that offer different types of programs and services when it comes to grants and financial assistance.

Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, is home to a variety of government and nonprofit organizations that can assist single mothers with grants. Residents of Lincoln, which is the capital of Nebraska, can also apply for assistance programs that are accessible. We will provide a thorough insight into these advantages in this guide.

Nebraska Grants for Single Moms in Need

Food Banks in Omaha and Lincoln

We cannot exaggerate the significance of food in a person’s life by visiting food pantries near them. Single mothers in Lincoln and Omaha can save money on food and groceries. Each month, food banks in both cities deliver food items to the vulnerable, as well as free meals.

Below are several food banks in Lincoln with their contact numbers:

  • Food Bank of Lincoln Inc. (402)-466-8170
  • Norris Area Food Pantry (402) 792-2901
  • Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Lincoln (402) 474-1600

Below are some of the food pantries that are open to Omaha residents:

  • Food Bank for the Heartland (402)-331-1213
  • Vineyard Food Assistance (402)-393-9077
  • Heartland Hope Mission – Millard (402)-733-1904

Please be aware that the list does not include all the available food banks in Lincoln and Omaha. You may go to the link provided to find the closest food pantry to you.

Salvation Army of Omaha and Lincoln

The Salvation Army is a humanitarian organization that is often the first point of call for single mothers in need of assistance. Given the wide range of services and activities that they offer at no charge, this comes as no surprise.

Their programs include various aspects of life, including rental and housing assistance therapy, immediate cash grants, food and nutritional assistance, prevention of homelessness, and some other services.

Anyone at risk of disconnection may also get assistance, mainly due to the inability to pay the heating and utility bills. The Salvation Army can support everyone regardless of faith; it is a non-discriminatory group. Single mothers and the poor are provided with their essential needs through their separate centers in Omaha and Lincoln.

  • Lincoln office – 402-474-6263 
  • Omaha office – 402-898-7700

You can also go to their centers to learn more about how you can benefit.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Omaha and Lincoln

Catholic Charities is a social welfare group that offers a number of programs that can help single mothers. People have been able to get free meals through their food pantry. This nonprofit also offers clothing, housing, and financial assistance.

However, to learn more about Catholic Charities in their own archdiocese, Omaha single mothers and Lincoln residents can visit the appropriate links.

Free Medical and Dental Care in Omaha

Elderly people, persons with disabilities, and qualifying pregnant women can get health care services from different free clinics. In Omaha, a variety of hospitals provide dental and medical services to low-income families. Uninsured individuals should take advantage of the free medical care that is available to them. Charging at the different facilities varies, it may be free of charge, while at discounted rates some can give their service.

In Omaha, single mothers will receive free medical tests, prescriptions, vaccines, and other supports. Here are some of these facilities and their contact numbers:

  • Creighton Community Health Center (402)-558-9242
  • North Omaha Area Health NOAH Clinic 402-933-0737
  • Charles Drew Health Center, Omaha 402-453-1433

Single mothers in Omaha can visit the provided link to find the closest free clinic to them.

Legal Aid for Single Mothers in Lincoln and Omaha

If they can’t afford a lawyer, single moms living anywhere in Lincoln and Omaha get legal representation. Different legal practitioners can assist single mothers who can not afford legal care. Legal Aid of Nebraska is a non-profit agency that offers legal support to low-income people and residents of Nebraska.

This law firm manages a wide variety of civil cases that can help with anything from child custody to healthcare. There are several centers located in Nebraska, including the cities of Lincoln and Omaha.

The Lincoln Center is located at 941 O St Suite 325, Lincoln, NE 68508. The Omaha office is located at 209 S 19th St #200, Omaha, NE 68102.

Lincoln Action Program

Often known as the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties. This is the main agency that offers assistance through its care services to single mothers living in Lincoln. This community action initiative also seeks to reduce poverty and ensure that everyone has the ability to live a happier life.

Homelessness prevention, childcare, food and nutritional aid, access to emergency cash, and other needs are among the services they offer. It is also possible to offer job training and employment referrals. The LAP’s office address is 210 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508, and they are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit their website or call (402) 471-4515 for more information.

Don’t hesitate to follow these links or call to find the support you need, and these Nebraska cities truly support their single moms in need.

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