San Diego shelter and food bank for single moms

Grants for Single Mothers in San Diego and San José

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San Diego and San José provide shelter, food banks, legal aid, financial assistance, free courses, and government grants for every single mother and other low-income families.

California lists among the states with the highest living standards, no question. But, what is concerning is that about 20.6% of the population are living under the poverty line. However, several programs provide food, shelter, and financial support if you are a single mother in California cities, San Diego and San Jose.

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San Diego and San José Food, Shelter, and Other Support

  • San Diego Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities provide crisis relief for bills, expenditures, living costs, and rentals. They also give statements, pregnancy, adoption services, refugee and immigrant services, or rent assistance for emergency help.

In San Diego, elderly, disabled persons, and single mothers can receive support from faith-sponsored programs. To find out how you can also benefit from this initiative, visit the Catholic Charities emergency assistance website.

  •  Sacred Heart Community Service San José

In San José, California, the Sacred Heart Community Service provides help and support to the needy. Their services are aimed at preventing evictions from houses or apartments. Likewise, they will aid pay back rent and security deposits as well. In particular, the charity initiative offers 95125, 95124, 95118, 95117, 95110, and 95008 postal codes to assist families and individuals. Dial 408-283-5800 for more details or consult their web page.

  • Eviction Attorney

There’s hope if you’re a single mom about to be thrown for eviction out of your building. Firstly, speak to your licensed attorney. Attorney Daniel Marshal provides such housing support to people who are not economically stable to fulfill the terms for foreclosure-related issues. Also, feel free to question your matters on the phone via 619-993-5778, or for more information visit their website.

  • Legal Aid Society of San Diego (LASSD)

Please feel free to call LASSD for legal questions. At no charge to qualifying single mothers in San Diego, they provide various legal support. In cases related to immigration, debt collection, housing or employment discrimination, family law, and public benefits, they offer licensed legal assistance to low-wage earners. For more information, dial LASSD at 877-534-2524 or view their webpage.

  • Bay Areas Legal Aid, San José

This program provides legal support for tenants threatened with eviction – both counsel and representation. They can also serve individuals and homes with low incomes or those with a foreclosed lease of land.

This program will go a long way if you are a single mother in San Jose to assist you in reducing the price of legal consultancy and related bills. Call 1-408-850-7066 for more details.

  • Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN)

UCAN is a non-governmental agency concerned with San Diego’s utility customers’ rates and related programs. Are you having any problems with your providers of utilities? Feel free to discuss it with Utility Consumers Action Network on 619-696-6966 or visit their website.

  • Inn Vision

Are you a single mother struggling to handle your housing, emergency, and utility bills in San José and the surrounding area. You can check out Inn Vision services. They give many benefits, including preventing homelessness, low-income housing, counseling, rental, and referrals. Contact 408-453-3124 for criteria and more details on power and rent support assistance.

  • Family Health Care Program, San Diego

The Medical and Dental Treatment Family scheme offices are spread across the county of San Diego. They run both teen medical services and mobile medical centers. The program offers male and female healthcare services, and tests for both insured and uninsured citizens. Make an appointment to see more of their services on 619 515-2300, or click here.

  • United Way Silicon Valley

This group frequently provides advice and referrals to low-wage earners in San José and gives financial assistance. The aid will enjoy the benefits of single mothers in this framework. Their services offer help and assistance, ranging from free shelter, food, counseling, and housing for people and other temporary needs. However, the main beneficiaries are victims of sickness, medical emergencies, violence, abuse of drugs, sorrow, work loss, and general financial distress. Visit the United Way Silicon Valley site for more details.

  • St. James Health Center

This agency provides those considered unable to bear the expense with a variety of medical services. In areas of medical care, St. James provides a family health center that addresses health needs. Dial 408-918-2600 or visit their webpage for more on St. James benefits to single mothers

  • San Jose Public Library

There are hubs of family support distributed throughout San José. They run, at no price, several programs for low-income households in San Jose. Meanwhile, English, Yoga, parenting, writing, art, and languages are the courses being offered. Call 408-808-2100 for more about the San José Libraries.

  • Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s Kitchen is a project for HIV/AIDS-positive individuals that manages a monthly food pantry. Because of HIV or cancer cases, they deliver good and healthy food to individuals unable to buy healthy meals. Also, for those who need the most nutrients in their meals, they provide a nutrition education program that teaches people to cook healthy meals. Dial 619-233-6262 for more information or view their website.

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