Grants for Single Mothers in Seattle

Childcare is one of the essential challenges of parenting. There are many single moms with limited pay located all through the town of Seattle. In taking care of children and themselves, young mothers would need support. Within the city of Seattle, Washington, there are certain financial aid services available to single mothers. And here are the programs provided to help single moms staying in Seattle:

Emergency Family Assistance

This is an initiative for a certain number of households that have children, available in Seattle. The organization, called St. Vincent Council of Seattle area, has a contact center that people can reach. Eligible families in need may register to this assistance program to gain referrals or financial aid.

Help is given under this initiative to families that have short-term financial difficulties or an emergency. Depending on the chapter or church, the assistance given could differ. It may also be home supplies such as personal care products, towels, and kitchen goods, baby supplies, shoe vouchers, cleaning supplies, as well as other important items in the form of foodservice or grocery items.

Perhaps there is a financial condition facing Seattle families. This may be due to sickness, work loss, the arrival of a new baby, or some other major cash-requiring circumstance. The application and evaluation process is continuous, but not that many resources are available. The provided aid is just short-term. It is intended to assist families in Seattle with emergency situations, not a long-term aid program. To know more about the initiative, applicants may call (206) 767–6449.

Seattle Emergency Rent Assistance

In Seattle, an eligible family may receive one rent assistance benefit award during a 12-month period. In addition, the grant may also assist a household to pay for transferring expenses to the family’s stable and affordable housing. You may contact (206) 615-3300 to ask about this service.

Rental Stabilization in Seattle

Rent subsidies and assistance that can last from 6 to 18 months are expected to be provided by the Salvation Army. They offer support to families and people who are moving from homelessness. As well as for those families, people, and single mothers who face an ongoing threat of being evicted from their present place of residence.

Mortgage assistance and foreclosure prevention

Available for specific single mothers and individuals facing eviction or who are behind on mortgage payments. For free foreclosure consultation and services, you have 2 options to run to:

First, the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. You may contact them at (206) 461-3792). And second, the Solid Ground’s Mortgage Counseling. You may find out more about this by dialing (206) 694-6766. Reach out to these organizations for HUD-approved counseling.

The city of Seattle is in cooperation with both HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and several non-government organizations. The goal of this collaboration is to implement appropriate services for mortgage delinquency and foreclosure counseling.

Food Assistance Programs

To help deliver highly nutritious meals and food aid, Seattle has been funded with federal government endowment funds. These funds are used at many community sites and senior centers across the city for low to mid-income elderly people. The resources earned would also expand the opportunity to provide elderly people and families who are homebound with food. For older employees, Seattle City can also obtain funds for job training. The Asian Counseling and Referral Services, El Centro de la Raza Abbi’s Northwest, will be the charities and organizations responsible for the delivery of food.  Here are the phone numbers you can reach for further assistance:

  1. Abbi’s Northwest (452) 280-4180)
  2. My Service Mind of Northwest (253) 584-5615)
  3. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington (206) 328-5696

Adding up to your list of Seattle’s Assistance Programs are Ukrainian Community Center of Washington, Pacific Asian Empowerment Program, Refugee Women’s Alliance, and Seattle Chinatown International.

Neighborcare Health

Neighborcare Health is among Seattle’s top providers of free or subsidized healthcare services. The non-profit facility provides low-income and uninsured individuals and families in Seattle with high-quality health and dental support services. Some programs may be reduced, while some may be free of charge. The clinic has 16 dental and medical clinics stretched all over Seattle City. The clinic can be reached at (206) 548-3019 to make an appointment.

Seattle City Light Assistance

This initiative is designed to help single mothers and struggling families. Those benefiting from this service enjoy a reduction of 50% on other services like energy, water, and sewer. The beneficiaries often get visited at home by the program agency to determine how their energy bills can be reduced. You can use the following numbers to contact the service provider: (206) 684-300, 206-684-3417. You may also browse their webpage at for more details.

West Seattle Helpline

A one-time support program is the West Seattle Helpline. This service supports single moms and people suffering disruption from services. The thing with this service is that it could only be given once every year. Only residents of just the following Seattle zip codes have access to the service: 98106,98116,98126,98136,98146. You are expected to bring with you and give necessary documents, including proof of income, utility bill, and ID. For you to get assistance, these documents are needed. You may contact them through their phone number at (206) 932-4357, or check their website first at

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