Grants for Single Mothers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Various funding grants and services given by several agencies could aid single moms in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. There are several non-profit and government organizations that provide single mothers with services and monetary assistance to alleviate the load of childcare, utility bills, rental costs, and health care expenses. A few of the grants and services available to single moms residing in Tulsa and Oklahoma City are listed below.

Oklahoma City Catholic Charities

Throughout Oklahoma City, this organization has several locations. The organization’s staff and volunteers are pledged to support the poor during tough times. Programs such as Family Hope can assist applicants in seeking work and appropriate housing. A few other financial aids may be given to help them pay rent and some energy bills while residents improve through case management courses. For other urgent matters, assistance may also be offered. Other accessible services in Oklahoma City include food, and care for seniors, and immigration assistance.

Free Dental and Medical care in Oklahoma City

  • D-Dent, Inc: This group provides free dental care and services to low-income senior, disadvantaged, and handicapped people of Oklahoma City. To learn more, you may dial (405) 424-8092.
  • Healing Hands Health Care: At a reasonable cost, they provide quality medical treatment. They run medical facilities and offer medicines, supplies, as well as other healthcare services. If it is necessary, they could also provide free insulin. They can be reached at (405) 272-0476.
  • Kings Klinic: This facility provides medical and health care services to citizens of Oklahoma City. Furthermore, it gives prescription services for women, men, and children in the area. To learn all about this initiative, you can contact (405) 848-4005.

Food assistance, General Assistance, and Clothing Assistance in Oklahoma City

    • Eastside Church of Christ offers free clothes, free food, and holiday assistance. From this community, single mothers can get aid. It’s possible to contact them at (405) 732-0393.
    • Lighthouse Family Church: They could provide low-income residents and single moms respectively with shelter and food. Their contact number is (405) 390-3100.
    • Baptist Mission Center : (405) 235-6162) and Church of The Redeemer ((405) 427-2106) Either of these centers provide the poor with food assistance. They’re not handing out cash.

Utility Bill Assistance

    • By assisting them to settle utility and other bills, the Salvation Army in Oklahoma City aids residents. It is understood that this organization provides assistance to hundreds of individuals each month. They frequently make moves to collect more funds so that more people in need can be supported. The alliance between the Salvation Army and ONG has been in operation for the past two decades. And together, in the past, through a project called Share the Warmth, they have given hope to thousands of families throughout Oklahoma City.

Emergency Financial Assistance in Oklahoma City

      • Upward Transitions: Homeless people and single mothers can get help with the recovery of legal documents such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, transactions of state IDs, deposits for public housing and utilities, and other vital services. Rent or service assistance can be given to households with children under the age of 18 and older adults 55 years of age or older if they have an eviction or disconnection notification.
      • Those in distress will also get help from caseworkers for social casework. To find out if these services are presently available, you can dial (405) 232-5507. The office of Upward Transitions is located at 1134 W. Main Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106.

Tulsa County Utility Bill Assistance

      • The Salvation Army provides Tulsa county residents with urgent financial assistance. This program is offered for the whole year. It aids residents of Tulsa County and single moms who find it a bit hard to manage their basic financial obligations. This aid helps pay for utility bills and grants to help pay rent. You may contact them at (918) 582-7201.The Tulsa DHS (Department of Human Services)  Tulsa DHS assists citizens file Oklahoma Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) applications. This will help individuals with financial aid for winter heating bills, energy crises, summer cooling, and weather services in Tulsa county. They may also provide some home maintenance aid related to energy. This assistance is for minimal or moderate-income residents who are eligible. For this program, single mothers in Tulsa can qualify.

        The Weatherization Assistance program could even facilitate households to alleviate their energy costs in Tulsa county. With free installation services, this same assistance program can help. With this program, vital modifications can be provided to people’s homes, such as new windows, insulation, caulking, as well as several other services. Citizens could get financial assistance which can be used, under the LIHEAP program, to settle utility bills.

Emergency Financial Assistance in Tulsa county

Clothing and Groceries

This initiative will help vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Tulsa county. Many other distribution centers, churches, shops, and other non-profit organizations make a lot of clothing and household products available in Tulsa County. Low-income families, vulnerable people, and single mothers, from these Tulsa-based agencies, could get free clothing, coupons, or gifts. Other services provided can include diapers, baby clothing, and work suits.

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