Grants for Weight Loss Surgery Qualification Checklist (2024)

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There are Ways to Receive Weight Loss Surgery Grants

There are grants available for weight loss surgery, we check out the qualification for these in 2021. Over 40% of the world’s population suffers from obesity. Gaining extra weight and going through the natural procedure of workout and diet would take long and would need hard work.

Grants are offered by many organizations that support patients that are short in money and are looking to go through weight loss surgery. All you need to do is to research well enough to receive the grant.

How Do Weight Loss Surgery Grants Work?

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) offers grants. Other new organizations have also started to give grants for weight loss surgery

However, the funds of these organizations are limited, and those applying for grants would need to fulfill basic requirements. Remember, If you can shoulder the cost without a grant, don’t take the grant and give it to someone who couldn’t afford the surgery if there’s no grant.

How Do Weight Loss Surgery Grants Work

Requirements to get Weight Loss Surgery Grants

You’ll first need a thorough body check-up, this is because you’ll need a healthy body to survive the surgery. If you’re approved for the reconstructive surgery, only then can you proceed to the other steps to receive the grant. 

You can only apply for the grant if your insurance policy doesn’t cover it, however, if your insurance policy covers it even partially, your application may get rejected. The organization will also ask you for your support and help them raise at least 10% of funds for the cost to help others.

Weight Loss Surgery Grants Procedure

Since grants regarding weight loss surgery are offered by limited organizations, you’ll have to find the right resource. You’ll then have to fill the forms needed about mental and physical health.

The organization will perform a basic body check-up and if you’re accepted, you’ll be able to proceed to receive the grant.

Grants for Weight Loss Surgery Pre-Qualification Checklist:

  • Currently in United States
  • Advised or Physically Qualified for the procedure
  • There are no other insurance that covers obesity treatments
  • Bills for the weight loss surgery is too pricey for you and you also don’t have the ability to borrow money for the surgery
  • Your bariatric surgeon should be aware of the grants and be willing to refer you. It’s time to get a bariatric surgeon if you don’t have one, and make sure they’ll be willing to refer you for the weight loss surgery grant
  • The approval cycle starts on September 1, 2021 and would end on December 31, 2021. These dates, however, may change the following years.
Grants For Weight Loss Surgery Pre Qualification Checklist

Other Options

The other ways to get discounts for weight loss surgery are Charity care and other Financial options:

Charity Care

There is a possibility for you to get special grants if you don’t have insurance and are under a certain poverty level. Charity care programs are given by the government to those who need it from nearby hospitals, given that they provide legal documents needed for the surgery. 

The finance application should be submitted at the hospital and you should also give the referring doctor’s name to them. All of the information needed should be given during the application process. 

This support varies from hospital to hospital. There is a possibility that one hospital would reject you and the next one won’t. So, you’ll have to be patient when you’re applying. 

Financial Options

You can get financial help from those close to you that can raise the required funds for the surgery. Getting a loan from financing services is also one of the options.

The surgery costs high and this can also reduce the risk of having life-threatening diseases. Learn to reach out to your family physician that can guide you about the grants and discounts given by the government and other organizations.

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