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It can be hard to find the time to exercise as a parent. It’s nearly impossible to exercise if you have children who need to be supervised constantly. These situations can make it difficult to find childcare. It is convenient to bring your children along to the gyms with childcare. This will save you money on childcare or hiring a babysitter.

What Can You Expect When Using Childcare At Gyms?

Each gym offering childcare services must have licensed, qualified staff. Each franchise is different, but there are certain things you can expect from the childcare services offered at each gym.

The minimum age to legally care for children is 18 years old. All childcare staff must be qualified, with a high school diploma in a relevant field and first aid/CPR certifications. During the hiring process, every child supervisor will be subject to criminal background checks.

What Can You Expect When Using Childcare At Gyms
Can you imagine gyms with a childcare area like this?

High-quality childcare facilities often employ child supervisors who have years of experience with children. This allows their members to have a great workout knowing that their children are safe in the same place. There are many activities available to children at the best gyms that offer childcare services. You can expect arts and craft, messy play, team games, and other activities.

Are There Any Concerns About Childcare At Gyms?

Each of these gyms that offer childcare have received positive reviews. This is why they made it to this list. There is one complaint that some parents may have about certain franchises.

Here are some common complaints I found regarding some gyms that offer childcare, according to some major online review sites:

  • More training is needed for staff
  • To supervise the large number children who use the facilities, more staff is needed
  • Hours of operation are limited
  • Too many people or too chaotic in the facilities
  • If there aren’t enough children, childcare services may be shut down unexpectedly

These complaints were rare, but here are a few of the tips that can help you if you are concerned about any of these issues.

  1. Ask your gym for the credentials of childcare staff.
  2. Make sure your workouts fall within the childcare hours.
  3. Avoid peak hours, such as Mondays through Thursdays between 5-7pm and Fridays

Is It Worth Buying A Membership At Gyms With Childcare?

A gym membership that provides childcare is a great option if you are a regular runner but a busy parent struggling to find childcare. A private babysitter can be very expensive, especially if you require daily care. Even though you pay per visit, gym childcare is usually cheaper than private babysitting.

It’s worth looking for a gym that offers childcare if you frequent the gym. This will allow you to enjoy your workouts while knowing that your children are being watched by professionals. The rule is that there should be one supervisor for every 3-4 children.

Each of the top gyms that offer child care requires that their staff undergo background checks and training before they are hired. This ensures that your children are safe while using the facilities. Your children can learn key skills by taking them to childcare centers, such as gyms. You can have fun with your children and interact with other kids their age.

Is There A Set Of Rules For Gyms With Childcare?

Every gym that offers childcare has its own set of rules. You might be surprised at how different they are from one another.

Membership Requirements

Some gyms offer childcare, but others charge an extra fee per session or hour. They work on a first-come, first-served basis so there is always the possibility of the childcare facilities being full upon your arrival at the gym. Some franchises require that you book your session in advance.

Membership Requirements

Each gym will require that you register your child in order to use their childcare services. At the first time you use the gym’s childcare, you will be asked for proof of identification. This is until you are comfortable with the staff and you know each other.

Before signing up for a membership, make sure to ask at each facility. Different childcare providers will have different rules about when your child can come and what you should do when they arrive at the gym.

COVID Requirements

Many gyms have started social distancing in the childcare areas since the COVID pandemic. Some gyms might also require that all members and their children have a temperature test before they allow anyone to enter.

Due to state laws being different, the COVID-specific rules for each franchise may vary. It’s best to ask your local gym about their rules regarding mask-wearing or social distancing.

What Are The Costs Associated With Childcare And Gym Memberships?

For a fraction of the cost of other childcare providers, the best gyms offer exceptional childcare services. Prices can vary between places so make sure you check each gym’s specifics before signing up for a long-term membership.

You don’t have to pay extra for childcare services offered by some gyms. If you would like to bring your child with you while you exercise, most of the listed gyms will charge an additional fee. Prices will vary depending on which franchise you choose. You can expect to pay $10 to $20 per month for the childcare services in most of these gyms that I have listed.

There Are 12 Options For The Best Gyms With Childcare


The YMCA is a great gym franchise that’s child-friendly. Each location offers a variety of classes and programs for children to encourage early learning and development. They are proud to offer a safe, clean environment for children to learn and flourish. Many locations allow you to bring your child to the gym. If an adult supervises the children, they are permitted to exercise in the gym.

You may need to pay an additional fee if your child wants to take part in the many camps and learning programs offered by the YMCA. They do offer a family membership that includes two adults and one child under 27 for $99/month. Some of their childcare services can also be included in this plan.

Ask your local YMCA club for clarification on which childcare services are included in their family membership. They might have different locations. No matter what age your children are, the Y is the perfect place for them all. The Y offers a wide range of classes and programs for children. They are well-known for providing a safe environment where children can learn and grow.


Equinox offers storybook reading, structured craft classes and gymnastics for children to practice while they work out at the gym. It’s possible to pay a higher than average price to become a member and access their childcare services. However, this is a great option for those who want an exclusive experience.

You can use their app to book a time for your child to take part in arts and crafts, or reading activities. This will allow you to have a stress-free workout. Some locations offer after-school sessions or summer camps for children. In addition to your monthly gym membership, you will need to pay an additional fee for Equinox childcare services. Some locations offer pre-purchase and multi-visit passes for their childcare facilities.

Equinox is a great option for those who are willing to pay more for a high-end luxury experience. Equinox childcare services have a stellar reputation. You can be sure that your children are in safe hands with Equinox.

Onelife Fitness: Gyms With Childcare

Onelife Fitness offers great childcare services for an additional charge. The Kids Club offers children a safe, clean, welcoming environment. Onelife Fitness has a Kids Club available at most locations. This club is open to children under 11. The cost of this club is $17 per month more than your regular membership. If supervised by an adult, or personal trainer, children over 11 years old can use the gym facilities.

Onelife Fitness: gyms with childcare

The Kids Clubs are only open during the day. They are usually open from 9 am to 1 pm in the morning, although some locations also open in the evenings. Many locations close their Kids Clubs on Sundays, but not all.

Onelife Fitness is a great choice if you are going to be using childcare services often. They offer a fixed monthly fee that allows unlimited use of the Kids Club. They might not work for you if your workouts are late at night. Even Kids Clubs that remain open late, they close around 8 pm.

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness provides childcare services in most locations. However, additional fees may apply. A standard monthly membership ($169/month) gives you up to 2.5 hours of childcare free of charge each day at the Kids Academy. The facility will require you to register your child, but once this is done, you can use the Academy anytime during their open hours.

Life Time Fitness offers summer camps, so that you can still get a great workout even if you are not in school. They offer childcare for children as young as three months and up to eleven years old. They offer classes that cover everything, from arts and crafts to team-building and motor skills to young babies.

A Distance Learning Support Camp is also offered where children aged 5-12 years can meet in a safe and friendly environment. The camp offers gym games, music, and S.T.E.A.M.

Life Time Fitness offers free childcare for members who are willing to pay the premium prices. This can help you get a stress-free workout. Their camps and distance learning programs are great for parents who work during winter vacations or breaks.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has qualified teachers who work in the childcare centers to provide education for children. Their Kids Club is open to children aged 11 and under. You can bring your children to the gym if they are under 11 years old to participate in the Gold’s Gym Kids Club. These services are offered at all locations, but prices and rules may differ due to each franchise’s independence.

Your child can take part in team-building activities, arts and crafts, and sports at the Kids Club. The teaching staff can also help with schoolwork. It is possible to reserve a time slot ahead of time, because their clubs are often very busy and only allow certain children per time. Some clubs close their Kids Club during the summer vacation or on holidays.

Although the Gold’s Gym childcare facilities are more expensive, you can rest assured that your children will be in good hands. Before being hired, all staff in the Kids Clubs are subject to extensive background checks. All staff are trained in CPR, first aid, and other skills. Gold’s Gym is the perfect place for you if you are passionate about your child’s cognitive and social development. While your child is having fun at the Kids Club, you can exercise in the gym’s fitness area.

LA Fitness: Gyms With Childcare

LA Fitness offers Kids Club, which is a childcare service. These services are not included with any LA Fitness membership. You will need to pay an additional fee. LA Fitness offers a Kids Club for children up to 11 years of age at most of its locations. These services are not part of any monthly membership and you will have to pay an additional fee.

Many clubs allow you to pay per session or per monthly. You can pay a monthly fee to use their childcare services for an unlimited amount of time. If you plan on using the Kids Club several times per week, this option will be much more affordable than paying per session.

The Kids Club is only open during the day. Opening times may vary from one location to the next. Teens between the ages of 13 and 15 can sign up to LA Fitness as their own members. Teens between 13 and 15 may also be allowed to use certain fitness facilities, but only under supervision.

LA Fitness is an excellent choice if you are looking for affordable child care that you can use whenever you go to the gym. LA Fitness offers high-quality childcare services with friendly staff for an affordable price.


Many Youfit gyms provide childcare services for children under 13 years of age, usually for an additional charge.

Youfit offers unlimited access to the childcare facilities for an additional $7-10 per month. While they are not available at all locations of the facility, their childcare is available at most. Before bringing your child to the gym, make sure you check with the club.

Children under 13 years old can use childcare services. Children between 13 and 16 years old can work out with an adult if they are supervised. If you are looking for affordable child care that you can use multiple days per week while you exercise, Youfit is the best option.

World Gym

Many World Gym locations offer babysitting or childcare services as either a monthly or pay-per-visit option. World Gym’s babysitting and childcare services are extra but they are available in most areas. Either you pay a monthly fee to use their childcare facilities, or you pay a per-use fee.

The daycare staff are qualified professionals who will ensure that your children are safe. There are limited spaces so it is a good idea to make a reservation or come to the gym during quieter hours when there are more chances of getting a spot. Although the hours of childcare facilities can vary from club to club, they are generally limited to certain times of the day.

If accompanied by an adult, children aged 14-16 and 14-18 can exercise in the gym. You can check with your local World Gym to find out more information, as age ranges differ between locations.

World Gym provides high-quality services to keep your child entertained while you work out. If you are looking for childcare that is consistent and can use the gym several times per week, then this set monthly fee option might be for you.

Crunch Fitness: Gyms With Childcare

Crunch Fitness offers childcare services for children up to 13 years of age. These services are available at most locations for an additional charge. You can also take your children to Crunch Signature club’s daycare services for an additional fee. You might also find childcare facilities in other clubs across the country.

The Crunch Fitness facilities are limited. However, Signature members can still take advantage of the childcare services offered by Crunch Fitness.

24-hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness has great facilities for children up to age 11. You can avail the 24 Hour Fitness childcare services at any location for a monthly fee or a pay per-visit fee. The Kids Club is available for children aged 6 to 11 years old. You can keep your children entertained while you use the gym by joining the Kids Clubs.

The gym is a great place to work out, knowing your children are being watched by professionals. Each member of staff at 24 Hour Fitness must have CPR and first-aid training. They also need to pass a criminal background screening. 24 Hour Fitness is the perfect choice for those who want convenience. The Kids Club is affordable and will keep your kids occupied while you work out.

GoodLife Fitness

Only a few GoodLife Fitness locations offer JUMP childcare services. To confirm if they offer these services, you will need to contact your local gym. GoodLife Fitness offers a JUMP childcare service for children aged 12 and under. For children under 12, GoodLife Fitness offers JUMP, a childcare service. For children aged under 18, they offer a Youth Starter program that provides guidance and assistance with their workouts.

The Ultimate package costs $36.99/month and includes family add-ons. It is also likely to include childcare facilities. However, I recommend that you call your local GoodLife Fitness to double-check the details of each membership plan. GoodLife Fitness offers a summer camp for teens aged 12-17 years old. This will be an extra cost.

GoodLife Fitness offers limited childcare services, but they are a great option if you live close to one of the few places that offer daycare. The Youth Starter program is a great option for teens who are interested in working out.

Snap Fitness: Gyms With Childcare

Snap Fitness clubs that offer childcare are limited. To find out if your gym offers these services, you will need to contact them. Snap Fitness doesn’t have many locations that offer childcare, so I’ve placed it last on my list of best gyms with childcare. Some locations allow children aged 12-16 to use the gym with supervision.

Your membership can be extended to include children over 16 years old. They will receive their own access card that allows them to use the gym without supervision. All Snap Fitness members under 18 years old must sign a Minor Waiver Form.

Snap Fitness offers limited childcare services, but you can check with your local club for more information. You can bring your children to any Snap Fitness location if they are older than 12 years old and want to exercise.

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