What To Do If You Hate Being Single

What To Do If You Hate Being Single

Last Updated on April 24, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

So you hate being single? Do you hate being alone? You desire to meet the right person. It can seem impossible, and it can be frustrating and difficult.

Why Do You Hate Being Single?

why Hate Being Single
Some people don’t like being single!
  • You don’t enjoy being alone
  • It feels like you’ve been living on your own for so many years.
  • Being single can make you feel lonely, unloved, and unworthy. It’s been so long that you have allowed others to validate you. 
  • Maybe you’re not quite over your ex. There are still things you need to deal with – the hurt and rejections, the “trauma”, etc. 
  • You have had some bad experiences in dating, or even in marriage (once or twice), and are tired of them.
  • You might also miss the companionship to talk about your day with, to share your thoughts, to care for you, and to give you that love.
  • Perhaps you are missing the love, the intimacy.
  • Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you want to settle down.
  • It might feel like everyone in the WORLD has someone… except for you. But It’s not true, 
  • Perhaps you are worried about finding that special someone.
  • It could be that you feel pressured or pressured to find someone. 

There are many reasons. And some are very specific to you. These are your personal reasons. Be completely honest with yourself. The more truthful you are, the better. This will be read by everyone, not just you. There’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

Digging A Little Deeper

After you’ve figured out your reasons, and you are clear about why you don’t like being single, it is time to dig deeper.  This may be something you’ve already done when you were putting everything on paper. If not, take it one step further and put it all together.

Let’s say, for example, you feel incomplete without someone, even if you don’t fully understand why. The following are things you can talk about with a coach or at therapy to help you further understand your feelings:

  • Limiting Beliefs: You believed that happiness was only possible if you are with someone. To learn more about this and to see how you can identify and overcome your limiting beliefs, click here     
  • Low self-esteem: This could be due to a lack of confidence. There are many reasons why low self-esteem could occur. It is possible to be confident in certain areas and not in others. It’s worth looking into why.       
  • Other issues: This could be due to other factors. Abandonment Issues could be an example. This is why it can be difficult to feel alone. Because you crave security and closeness, it’s easier to feel secure. Perhaps the last person you were in a relationship or dated left you. In these cases, your mind is more affected if you don’t have another positive experience.      

It can be tricky and it will not be easy to change your mind.

Address The Things You Need To

This section will only cover one last step. If you want to change the way you feel, you must address what you need. It’s easy to think that you are the problem. Many people are single and at a point in their lives where they are ready to move on. Yet, they don’t hate the place they are currently in. Many people don’t hate being single!

It is possible to be happy without any changes in your life. All you have to do is change your mind and remove all stumbling blocks from your view or emotions. This is why you need to find the root cause of the problem. This will make the rest easy. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you are unsure of the problem, or if it is affecting you, then you should work on your outlook and general mindset to get rid of that negative inner voice.

It is possible to explore the potential reasons you hate being single and discover what it could be. It is important to not accept it and to continue trying new things until you feel happier with yourself and your surroundings.

How To Stop Hating Being Single

There will be many things that you don’t enjoy in your life. You’ll also encounter some things that are less than ideal. You have two choices: either you can mope about it or you can get on with the job. It’s not difficult to say!

It’s almost like being overweight and not happy about it. It’s easy to wish you weren’t. It’s not possible to make it better and it won’t make it any better if you get down on it.

Make a difference by taking action and keep moving forward. You will have ups and downs, and struggles, but the more you keep going, the more you’ll be able to make progress and eventually get there.

Actively Date

You’ve been doing it for a while now, and you’re getting tired of it. You probably hate being single because of all those bad, soul-sucking and confidence-knocking dating experiences. It’s the same as the weight loss example.

  • Do most people like working out?
  • Do they love to work out and feel like their heart is beating faster?

No! Most likely not. They get used to it and stick with it. Some even love it. This is how we will approach dating. We’ll embrace it, have fun, and love it. When you love being single or at least accept it, you are better able to attract the people and experiences that you desire.

Change Your Outlook When You Think You Hate Being Single

Change your perspectives to be happier!

You’ll have to think that. “So I am single right now. But, that doesn’t mean I will stay single forever. I will have fun dating, I will meet new people, and I will give it my all!”

It’s your challenge and your mission to find someone that you truly connect with. Have some fun! You won’t feel this 24/7, but you can focus on fostering a positive mindset within yourself. This will make it easier:

  • Positive affirmations can be used to lift your mood and shift your body so you are pulled out of a rut.
  • Separate your time. Set aside “swiping” time, regular “date nights”, and get into the habit of dating. But (and this is the big but part) keep that motivation in control! Don’t let it overtake your life. You still have other things to do. It’s a side hustle that you do for a living.
  • Invite your family and friends to join you in this cause. They can talk about it with you and can encourage and push you.
  • Mix and match your dates. Try something new every time. It makes it even more fun!

You’ve Got To Put The Time In

If you are unhappy being single and want to change it, then you need to invest your time in dating. You will get what you put into it. Yes, you will meet some bad eggs. You’ll also find people who don’t really and people who just end up messing with you . You’ll also come across the good ones.

It’s easier to date more people, and learn more about dating. You see, dating is a numbers game. There are so many single people around the world. There are so many single people in your region, in your country. If they aren’t close enough, travel a bit! The point is that there are enough people for you not to just find one person but many potential partners.

You will eventually find the person you are looking for if you keep your eyes on it.  You don’t have to feel defeated or angry all the time.  Keep working towards it. Take breaks because this will allow you to recharge, refresh and regain your motivation. If you’re going through a dating phase, give it your all! Have fun, be open to change, and remember that it is possible.

It is a matter of “when” you find the right person and not “if”. It’s okay if it takes longer than you planned or desired. It’s likely that there are reasons for it. You’ll only appreciate it more once it happens.

Keep Working On Yourself

You should not only focus on your relationship, but also do what you can to improve your single status. You don’t need to underestimate the power of your mind to make a difference in your life. Remember:

This can be done alongside active dating. You don’t have to be perfect in order to find “the right one” or “the one”. Remember that perfection is not necessary. You just need to find people who make you happy and let the rest happen. This is not about giving up on your dreams. It’s about finding the right person for you.

It is all about being grateful for the people in your life, and enjoying what you do have. It’s great if it leads to more. It doesn’t have to, but it’s still encouraging because you feel something again. This is often what we long for and miss.

Feel A Little More Prepared?

You don’t have to live a marathon. It’s possible to live a happy, fulfilling, and fulfilled life without a romantic partner. You don’t have to be with one person. Remember that you are loved. There are many single people who share your values, goals and interests, so if you do decide to start a relationship, there will be plenty of them.

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