Hawaii TANF

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Hawaii TANF provides cash aid and supportive services to eligible Hawaiian families for them to achieve self-sufficiency.

The qualifications for TANF are the following: parents of a child under the age of 19, have a total gross income of 185% below the poverty level. During the duration of their pregnancy, pregnant women are also qualified for TANF.

While being a recipient of TANF, work-eligible recipients have to take part in Hawaii’s First-To-Work Program (FTW) starting with an initial 21-day up-front job search assistance program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hawaii TANF

How much do you get on welfare in Hawaii?

The max amount Hawaii offers for eligible families of three is $610/month for 60 months total in a lifetime.

How much is a one time TANF payment in Hawaii? 

One-time TANF benefit, which has the same eligibility criteria as regular TANF, gives cash aid up to $1,000 per year.

How do I apply for welfare in Hawaii? 

Visit DHS’ Benefit, Employment and Support Services Office personally to apply for TANF.

An interviewer will determine if you are eligible and in most cases, cash aid will be given during that filing date.

To ask for assistance, contact:

Public Assistance Information Line


How do I apply for general assistance in Hawaii? 

Individuals who do not have dependent children who have a temporary disability and are not eligible for public assistance can apply for General Assistance.

The GA provides more or less $348/per month for eligible individuals and $469/month for eligible couples.

Visit this website to know more of the program:


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