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Low-income families can be hit hard by economic hardships, especially single mothers. Families that spend a lot of money on their bills can end up starving and homeless. Different California organizations have developed programs and services that can help these families with bills.

These programs aim to lessen the financial stress and allow those in financial need to reach financial independence. We will be discussing the various programs available for single mothers. 

Utility Bills Help In California

Association of California Community and Energy Services (ACCES) 

A non-profit organization that assists statewide non-profit organizations in providing low-income services to their local communities. This organization provides opportunities to participate in federal and state energy efficiency programs.

The Great Northern Services 

The Great Northern Services

A non-profit organization that helps single mothers with low incomes to achieve economic independence. This improves rural communities. They provide services that meet the needs of residents. They offer weatherization, energy assistance, food supply distribution, and referrals to other useful resources.

California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) 

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) offers a discount on select telephone programs, as well as discounts for broadband services to schools, libraries, schools, hospitals, and community-based organizations (CBOs). The surcharge that telephone customers pay each month on their monthly phone bills provides funding for the discount.

Food And Meals Help

The Central California Food Bank 

Provide food to multiple agencies in different counties. Also, serve single mothers and their families in need. The Central California Food Bank quickly grew. Its first home was a small warehouse. Since then, it has grown exponentially. The goal of the food bank is to end hunger by providing food and participating in community associations that encourage independence.



A monthly benefits program helps low-income households to purchase the food they need in order to meet their nutritional needs.

For a family of three, the program provides electronic monthly benefits that are for most food purchases at grocery stores and markets. The monthly benefit is up to $658 per person. CalFresh can be applied online. To find out more about CalFresh in your area, call the toll-free number 1-877-847-3663 (FOOD).

Household Items And Clothes Help

The San Francisco Smiles (SFsmiles) 

It aims to provide the basic necessities of life to people and families in crisis. They aim to create a community where their basic needs are met. This is done by giving everyone the opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilled life. This organization works with social service partners and other organizations to offer programs that help low-income earners, homeless people, disabled people, and survivors of domestic violence. 

SF Smiles collects household goods, furniture, and clothing for single mothers and those in need. They partner with local social service agencies to distribute the goods to those who need them and to provide general operating supplies to the programs.

Sharia’s Closet 

Helps those in a financial crisis or financial difficulty by providing emergency clothing at no cost. They provide uniforms for children to enable them to go to school confidently. Adults and teens can also get professional attire to increase their confidence in interviews and the workplace. 

This organization assists low-income single mothers and other members of the community who are in greatest need. Through direct referrals from long-standing associations with schools and service agencies, they link with those in need.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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