Help With Bills In Illinois For Single Moms

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The rising prices of expenses affect low-income earners, especially single mothers. These women often struggle to make ends meet, which leaves them vulnerable to many risks that could affect their quality of life. Many companies and organizations in Illinois have programs that help with bills and offer support to single mothers and people in need to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. This article will provide information on some Illinois organizations and how you can access their assistance services.

Utility And Healthcare Bills Help In Illinois

Illinois American Water 

Illinois American Water

Helps customers develop a plan for paying the bill in instalments. Single mothers facing financial hardship can sign up for a 24-month payment plan. For those who do not have financial difficulties but still need to settle their accounts, the 18-month payment plan is available. The 24-month program does not require a down payment, while the other program does.

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) 

Patients who are ineligible for hospital payments will be assisted. Patients can also get financial aid for healthcare. The Illinois Office of Attorney General (OAG), recommended that the elements be included on the financial assistance application form, among other things.

Food And Meals Help

Northern Illinois Food Bank 

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Offers healthy food and modern feeding programs. This non-profit organization is dedicated to solving hunger. They have many donors, volunteers, food manufacturers, community partners, food pantries, retailers and feeding programs, companies and individuals willing to support. 

Food Bank provides food through soup kitchens and food pantries, shelters, youth centres, and food pantries. Donated food comes directly from the manufacturers and retail stores via their Direct Connect or Food Recovery programs.

Household Items And Clothes Help

Recycling for Families (RFF) 

A non-profit organization that offers a program called Recycle Furniture for Families. They work in partnership with churches and social service agencies that serve families in need. Single moms are eligible for the program if they are clients of a local agency. The caseworker sends the request for assistance via fax. 

The Client Agreement will be sent to the successful applicants within two days. It also contains additional information about the RF4F program. After receiving the approved referrals, the organization will contact the applicants to schedule an appointment to pick up the furniture. They assist single mothers trying to balance work, child care, and college studies.

The Bridge to Success Organization 

Their service provides high-quality clothing appropriate for the workplace and interviews to help increase job opportunities for young women at risk. Coaching is also provided to help single mothers prepare for interviews.

The Safer Foundation 

A non-profit organization that provides educational, employment, and supportive services to those in need. They offer job placement and training as well as education assistance, community engagement, housing engagement, behavioural healthcare services, advocacy, and other services. 

Single mothers can get help updating their resumes, getting an ID, obtaining a high school diploma, finding permanent employment and getting a job transitional. This organization helps people build a better future. Clients who attend a job interview are eligible for clothing assistance in order to increase their chances of getting employment.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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