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Utility assistance programs in Kansas, which many organizations have launched to help with bills, are available to single mothers with low incomes and any other group in need. These services allow single mothers to reduce their living costs while still maintaining a high standard of living. This article will discuss a few Kansas organizations that provide utility assistance. It also provides details about how to access the assistance.

Utility Bills Help In Kansas

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) 

Customers who face financial difficulties due to unplanned events or health problems can receive assistance paying their bills. This program is called the Customer Hardship Payment Services program. 

The Kansas City Board Of Public Utilities Bpu

The service is offered in partnership with the United Way to residents in urgent need of financial assistance. This can be used to pay the water and power bills. The company’s goal is to offer quality services at affordable prices to the community. You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Evidence of low income
  2. BPU Services for six months or more.
  3. The evidence of the expenses that caused the delay in paying utility bills
  4. Documentation proving residence at the billed address

Healthcare And Food Bills Help In Kansas

Peterson Center

The Peterson Center on Healthcare, a non-profit organization, provides affordable and quality healthcare services. They collaborate with U.S. Healthcare to create an efficient solution that will improve healthcare quality and reduce costs. They provide patient groups, prayer, employment, and other services to improve healthcare delivery.

Kanbe’s Markets 

Single mothers and their children have the opportunity to access fresh, healthy food in areas that don’t have affordable or healthy food. The organization aims to reduce food insecurity through a distribution model that helps more people. They are able to combat food insecurity by collecting donations from different groups. They work with local wholesalers in order to obtain high-quality produce.

  1. Every day, delivering and replacing fresh produce.
  2. Provide the coolers and basket racks
  3. These eliminate the possibility of store owners spoiling food.
  4. Local farmers can use food waste as compost by sending it in

Household Items And Clothes Help In Kansas

Giving the Basics

A non-profit organization that provides household necessities to single mothers. They provide assistance to families who do not have access to government assistance. They offer shampoo, laundry soap and deodorant, as well as other personal care products. 

The organization’s goal is to help low-income families with children and students from the surrounding community. They make it possible for single mothers to find work and help children feel comfortable going to school. To make the service more accessible, many assistance organizations receive household goods from the Giving the Basics organization.

The Clay County Clothes Closet 

The Clay County Clothes Closet

A charity that helps those in need in the community. After identifying the need, their goal is to provide clothing for families and individuals. Partner organizations refer individuals to them. Clothing assistance is provided at no cost

The organization has volunteers who help manage the store and fit the clothes. Referral agencies can be schools, churches, or social service agencies. It is a good idea to choose an agency with which applicants feel more at ease and familiar.

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