Help With Bills In Louisiana For Single Moms

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The high cost of utilities can make it difficult to pay for utilities, especially in winter. Single moms can end up spending a lot of their earnings to pay bills, which eventually leads to homelessness. Louisiana has many programs to help single moms lower their monthly bills. 

Utility Bills Help In Louisiana

Energy Wise

A non-profit organization that helps low-income families, including single mothers, with their electricity bills. They achieve it by changing the energy profile, raising awareness and adding new technology to existing systems to help save money and energy. Consequently, they improve the air quality and reduce carbon footprint. They provide education through workshops and presentations to community groups.

Healthcare And Food Bills Help in Louisiana

Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center

Healthcare services are available regardless of financial difficulty. To offset expenses, they offer discounts and sliding fee plans for families and individuals. The service package includes all medical services, including those for diabetes and other chronic conditions. 

Their package includes wellness services, including personal training, diet, and weight loss plans. Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center also has a pharmacy that offers competitive, discounted prices for medicines.

Second Harvest Food Bank 

Second Harvest Food Bank

They aid in the fight against hunger by providing emergency food assistance via food access, advocacy and disaster response. This non-profit organization provides food and support for community partners in several parishes throughout the state. The ultimate goal of the organization is to end poverty through food distribution, nutrition education, community meal service and public benefits assistance.

Household Items And Clothes Help In Louisiana

Renesting Project, Inc 

This program is a non-profit and accepts donations of tangible furniture, household items, and monetary contributions. This scheme provides basic furniture and household goods to help people transition into permanent housing. The program provides furniture and household goods at no cost to single mothers in need every year.

Care Help of Sulphur Inc. 

Care Help Of Sulphur Inc

An organization that helps those in need of emergency assistance. This program is a community mission that serves all year. Their Thrift Store accepts donations of money and gently used clothes and shoes. To help people in need, the organization uses donated items and social services recommendations. After a disaster, or starting over, they can get clothing, bedding, shoes, furniture and other household items.

Christian Community Ministries (CCM) 

A non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate communities of Louisiana. This organization provides clothing for children, men and women in need, as well as other utility assistance. A weekly evaluation of clients’ needs and crises is done. Each client is then assisted by volunteers to choose clothes from the shop. 

The client does not have to pay anything in order to receive the food and clothes. CCM was established to provide clothing and accessories free of charge. Donations are used to help those in crisis pay their bills, prescription bills, fuel bills or bus tickets. They also exchange household goods for people whose homes have been destroyed by natural disasters. The pantry is fully stocked with canned goods and cans so that those in need of them can get rations.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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