Help With Bills In Michigan For Single Mothers

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Michigan has a lower cost of living than other states. However, single mothers still struggle to pay their utility and many other bills. This article lists programs and organizations that can help single moms find useful information about paying bills in Michigan.

Utility Bills Help In Michigan

The Michigan Energy Assistance Program

Residents who live on a tight budget can be put under a lot of stress by high energy bills, whether it’s electricity, propane, or gas. Residents can get assistance through efficiency and allowances through the Michigan Energy Assistance Program. 

This means that they will pay a portion of the energy bills for those who are eligible. They will also assist them in making their home more energy-efficient. They can get all the benefits of their energy source without having to pay more.

The Michigan Department of Human Services

Low-income residents are assisted in paying late water bills. They also ensure that payments are made on time with payment plans and grants. Single moms with outstanding water bills should first contact this program before reaching out to any other agencies or organizations. They also provide an emergency water allowance of up to $175 per year.

The Michigan Department Of Human Services

The Michigan Low-Income Home Energy Assistance

Heating is essential, especially in winter, when temperatures drop dangerously low. It can also be a burden for single mothers who really struggle to make ends work. Michigan Low Income Home Energy Assistance aims to assist residents with their heating and energy bills. Because there is a high demand for this assistance, the eligibility requirements are very strict. Before a candidate can receive any assistance, they must meet certain criteria.

Lifeline Program

Michigan’s state government believes communication and internet access are essential needs. The state government administers the Lifeline Program, which the federal and state governments share. The state department offers telephone connections at a lower monthly rate. 

Single mothers can get an $11.25 per month discount on their phone bill if they sign up for this benefit. You will get a discount on both your communication bill and your internet service if you sign up for the federal Lifeline Program.

Help With Bills For Food And Meals In Michigan

Help With Bills For Food And Meals In Michigan

The Michigan Food Assistance Program (MFAP) 

This project aims to alleviate hunger among low-income people by increasing their food-buying power. The state and federal governments run the project, and it does not affect the ability of the candidate to receive any other grants. 

You can still receive food assistance through the MFAP, even if you are receiving an energy allowance, water bill discount, or energy allowance. It functions almost exactly like the national food STAMP. The MFAP allows eligible candidates to locate retailers willing to work with them. From there, they can choose any item other than alcohol and tobacco.

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