Help With Bills In Missouri For Single Moms

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The State of Missouri made a mission to help low-income people to pay their bills so they can have a better life. However, resources are not readily available. Therefore, here is an article for single mothers to locate the help they need.

Utility Bills Help In Missouri

American Water

American Water is a well-known water company in Missouri that made an effort to lift some weight off the shoulders of struggling customers. They collaborated with local agencies to bring forth the ‘H20 HELP’. 

Customers with a household salary lower than 125% of the annual average income in the area can receive ‘H20 HELP’. It’s also a requirement to bring a notice of disconnection in order to apply.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP 

The LIHEAP assists low-income individuals by helping them with their regular heating bills and providing additional assistance in times of crisis. However, candidates need to be earning less than the average income to receive financial aid. 

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Liheap

enTouch Wireless

Eligible low-income families are eligible to receive free cell phone service. Benefits include free voice calls of up to 1000 minutes, text local and long-distance calls, voicemail services, and 3G data. The federal government funds this operation. The telephone company is also a participant in the national Lifeline Program. They also offer discounted telephone service to their customers. Candidates who have been accepted into other government assistance programs are automatically eligible.

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Missouri

The Missouri MO Healthnet 

Their mission is to improve the health of low-income people by implementing measures to prevent and treat various diseases and to offer affordable, sometimes even free, healthcare coverage. This program is available to thousands of people from different health groups. MO Healthnet is particularly beneficial for single mothers because it pays particular attention to pregnant women as well as those who legally have the responsibility of minors.

The Missouri Mo Healthnet

Food And Meals Help

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 

It is a nationwide benefit that aims to address hunger and food insecurity in America. It provides nutritious food and groceries to all households that qualify. The benefit card allows recipients to buy a variety of food items at predetermined grocery stores throughout the state. SNAP cards are not allowed to be used for purchasing pet food, alcohol, or cosmetic products.

Help To Pay Bills For Household Items In Missouri

The Salvation Army

An international organization that helps people around the globe. This organization provides food and utility assistance. It also has a great place for household goods. The organization has several thrift shops across the country. Although they mainly sell clothing and accessories, they also stock up on second-hand furniture.

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