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New Jersey is an economically stable state. However, single moms still struggle to pay their bills and make ends meet. So, we have gathered a list that will help single moms in New Jersey with their bills.

Utility Bills Help In New Jersey

NJ Share Project (Electricity Bills) 

Many state programs can help people pay their electric bills. However, these programs have strict eligibility requirements. Because of the high demand, not all people can be eligible. NJ Share is for those who aren’t eligible for mainstream energy benefits. The grants are $1200 maximum, $700 for your gasoline bill and $500 for electric bills.

The NJ share program (Water Bills)

This non-profit organization facilitates bill payments for thousands of New Jersey residents and others across the country. They provide assistance with energy but also help with water bills. A single mom who needs help with her water bill must be an NJ Water Company customer. From there, they can apply to receive a maximum grant of up to $250 for their water bill.

The Nj Share Program Water Bills

The Universal Service Fund

This program makes it easier to pay energy bills by making them more affordable and manageable for households and individuals whose combined income is below 185% of the poverty level set forth by the federal government. The USF, unlike most benefits, ensures that those who earn less get more attention and financial support. This is possible thanks to an income percentage calculation. Your income level will indirectly affect the amount of assistance you receive.

The Lifeline Program 

This government initiative aims to make internet and telephone bills more affordable for single mothers and households with low incomes. It is worth noting that one discount per household can be granted.

Residents must have a household income that is less than 135% below the poverty line or must be enrolled in major state financial assistance programs like Medicaid to be eligible.

Healthcare And Food Bills Help In New Jersey

NJ Family Cares 

Single moms have a program to provide medical coverage for their children and themselves. It covers all ages and genders, as the name implies. It also covers those with long-term diseases. NJ Family Cares helps low-income people afford basic healthcare and doctor visits. Managed care is an extension that records and monitors the patient’s health.

The New Jersey Food Stamp Program 

The New Jersey Food Stamp Program

The program can be used to supplement your monthly grocery shopping. In that qualified candidates receive unprepared food such as rice, pasta and other groceries, this program is not like a food bank. Participants in the food stamp receive cards that have points that correspond with the value of food items that can be purchased from certain strokes. In determining your eligibility, income is a key factor. They will also look at your bank accounts and determine if you are eligible if they have less than $2000.

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