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Last Updated on January 15, 2024 by Lori Pace

Many programs and benefits are available to help low-income individuals, such as single mothers, pay less for their bills. Single moms often have difficulty finding information about these programs because the programs are not on one page. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the bill assistance programs in North Carolina that help single moms with their daily bills.

Utility Bills Help In North Carolina

Dominion Energy

North Carolina utility company providing energy services to customers. It prides itself in putting customers, the environment and all stakeholders first. It also runs EnergyShare, an assistance program that helps people in financial distress.

EnergyShare covers all types of energy bills. This includes fuel, gas and oil, as well as wood and electricity. Customers and members of the company contribute monthly amounts that supplement customers who are in need.

Utility Customer Assistance Program

Raleigh reserves annual funds to fund the Utility Customer Assistance Program. Customers of the utility company may apply for a $240 cash benefit each year to help with their water bills. Customers must provide documentation of financial hardship to be eligible for this benefit.

You will need to complete the application form in hard copy and send it via email or fax to Wake county Human Service

Utility Customer Assistance Program

The Crisis Heating Assistance

The Crisis Heating Assistance is offered for a limited time from October to April of the next year. This program is designed to help low-income residents pay their basic heating bills. Extremely low temperatures require more heating. You can use it for gas, electricity, wood and kerosene, as well as LP gas. You must meet the income requirements and be in an energy crisis to be eligible for the benefit.

Healthcare And Food Bills Help In North Carolina

Medicaid Bills Help In North Carolina

The national Medicaid program provides affordable healthcare coverage for single mothers. This program can cover a wide range of healthcare needs, including prescriptions, visits to specialist doctors, and hospital stays.

Medicaid Bills Help In North Carolina 1

Single moms can turn to NC Healthchoice for affordable and sometimes even free healthcare. This applies only to children aged 6-18 years. You must be a beneficiary of national benefits such as SNAP or Lifeline to be eligible for this program. You may be eligible if you don’t meet the above requirements.

  • Permanently residing in North Carolina.
  • You are a US citizen, legal immigrant or citizen.
  • A social security number is required. 

The North Carolina Food Stamp Program 

Electronic transfer cards are used to provide monthly food benefits through the Food Stamp Program. These transfer cards allow people to purchase multiple food items at specific retailers within the state. Some food items, such as ready-to-eat meals, are not allowed. Only rice, cereals, and other items are allowed to be purchased by candidates. These are the qualifying requirements:

  • Your current bank balance has a lower value than $2001
  • If you live with an older person over 60 years or someone with a disability, your bank balance is less than $3001
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Lori Pace

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