Help With Bills In Oregon For Single Moms

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Oregon has thousands of single mothers struggling to make ends meet. We have listed the most useful assistance programs in Oregon to help them with bills so they can relieve some of their pressure.

Utility Bills Help In Oregon

Oregon Energy Fund

The Oregon Energy Fund helps residents pay their energy bills, including fuel, gas, and electricity. If a household’s total income is less than 70%, they are eligible. The project has partnered up with more than 30 Oregon organizations. Residents should contact these organizations for application instructions. After your application has been received and approved, you will receive a direct payment to your Bill. You don’t have to send a shutoff notice to apply for the program.

Water Bill Discounts

If applicants meet their income requirements, the City of Portland will offer discounts on water bills. The amount of the discount is determined by household size and income. The usual discounts include $180 off every quarterly bill and $100 off every bi-monthly bill. Single moms can apply for a Crisis Voucher from the same program. The voucher can be used to pay water bills up to $500.

Water Bill Discounts

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Oregon Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (OLHEPA) is a well-known benefit for energy assistance. This program is for single mothers who want to reduce heating costs in winter. In certain cases, candidates may automatically be eligible, such as if they receive benefits from national programs like SNAP or Medicaid. Anyone with a household income below 60% of the Oregon average income will be eligible.

Other Bills Help In Oregon


Oregon Medicaid is the best option for single mothers when it comes to healthcare assistance. It provides affordable, or sometimes free, healthcare for eligible residents. Medicaid benefits include doctor visits, extended hospital stays, and prescription medication from reputable pharmacies. If you fall within the following categories, you automatically qualify for Medicaid:

  • You’re pregnant
  • A child younger than 17 years old is legally your responsibility
  • A family member or you are disabled.

Ride Connection 

An Oregon private non-profit organization that provides free transportation to those in need. They are expanding to reach more people throughout the state, although it is primarily located in Washington County. They primarily serve the disabled and elderly, but single mothers with proof of financial hardship might be eligible.

Ride Connection

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, is designed to provide low-income people with nutritious and healthy food. It works like this: Qualifying applicants receive cards with benefits points that they can use to buy a variety of food items at specific grocery stores within the state. 

Each person will get a different amount depending on the size of their household and their income. To determine your eligibility, you will need to check your bank balance. A person with a net worth of less than $2001 is eligible. Those who live with disabled persons would require a balance of no more than $3001.

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