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Single mothers in Pennsylvania face many challenges. Luckily, there are many utility assistance programs available to help single mothers in Pennsylvania with their monthly bills. We will be discussing some of these programs in this article.

Utility Bills Help In Pennsylvania

First Energy 

First Energy is one of the most prominent electric utility companies in Pennsylvania. It provides reliable and efficient services. The company is also involved in the Pennsylvania Customer Assistance program, which assists customers who are struggling to pay their electric bills and other debts. Additional benefits include:

  • Monthly credits will be sent to you to reduce your Bill or to pay for old bills.
  • The budget plan will automatically enrol you, guaranteeing your monthly bills are the same.

Help To Others Assistance Project (H2O)

Help To Others Assistance Project H2o

Pennsylvania American Water is a well-known water utility company that aims to assist single mothers and other vulnerable citizens through a water assistance program called Help to Others. First, the program provides a $500 grant each year to help with water costs. They also offer water-saving tools and a discount of up to 85% on your monthly water bill. This is possible thanks to a yearly corporate donation and small monthly donations from customers.

Dollar Energy Fund

If you are a single mother and having trouble paying your heating bills, especially in the colder months, the Dollar Energy Fund can help. Dollar Energy is a partnership between several utility companies. You can apply directly through your energy provider for assistance. After your application is processed and approved, you will be granted a grant.

Other Bills Help In Pennsylvania


Medicaid is the most comprehensive healthcare coverage in Pennsylvania and the United States. This program is affordable for single mothers. Each participant receives a personal health plan and a monthly premium from the federal government. Your annual income determines your eligibility for Medicaid. Anyone earning less than the average income is likely to be eligible.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 

This is the best source of food assistance. This works by using coupons or benefits cards, which are available to low-income people. They can purchase a variety of food items at selected grocery stores once they have the cards or stamps. This benefit allows you to purchase bread, cereals, and poultry. You cannot purchase items such as alcohol, tobacco, or pet food

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 3

Our Closet

Our Closet is an organization that provides clothing and shoes to families and individuals who are in need. This organization doesn’t have any requirements. You can contact them to find your closest pop-up store if you need clothing assistance.

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