Help With Bills In South Carolina

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Single mothers often find it difficult to pay their utility bills on a regular basis simply because they have so much. We’re going to provide information and details about a few programs in South Carolina that can help those in need pay their bills.

Utility Bills Help In South Carolina

Dominion Energy 

The Energyshare Program is a program that helps struggling customers of the American energy giant. Clients of the company can make regular contributions, ranging from $1 to $35. Other corporations and wealthy individuals also make larger donations. This money funds the assistance project, which provides grants to those who are behind in their bills or are having difficulty keeping up.

Columbia Water 

Columbia Water

Columbia Water is the supplier of fresh water to Residents of Columbia in South Carolina. The program is available all year and allows clients to reduce their bills by one bill over a 12-month period. 

This reduction is up to 50% of your water bill, and it’s usually applied to the highest bill. They also provide plumbing assistance to customers to find leaks or faulty pipes and taps, which can help reduce water consumption.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Single mothers can get reliable heating bill assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. There are many ways to get assistance with heating and cooling costs. It also includes Weatherization and the Emergency Crisis benefit. Eligible applicants will see their heating bills reduced significantly and will be able to apply for grants to reduce heating costs during an energy crisis.

Lifeline Program

The federal government strongly believes that everyone should be able to have access to the internet and a phone. The federal government runs the Lifeline Program, which offers affordable, sometimes even free, broadband packages and cell phone service to eligible households. Each household can only receive one of the benefits. Even though eligibility is automatic for those who have received other government grants, any person in financial hardship may still be eligible.

Food And Clothes Help In South Carolina

Food And Clothes Help In South Carolina

Harvest Hope

South Carolina’s largest food bank. Its statistics show that 1 out of 6 South Carolinians goes hungry each day. They distribute 27 million pounds annually. Single mothers can apply for food assistance through Harvest Hope by finding a food pantry. They receive food and cash donations from all parts of the state to keep the organization afloat.

The Cooperative Ministry 

This is a non-profit organization, of which five churches were originally founded for the sole purpose of providing assistance to those in need. They offer a variety of products, including furniture and clothing. If you are in search of gently used clothing, they have a store that can help you find it. As long as you are financially struggling, there are no requirements for eligibility.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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