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It’s a struggle to make ends meet, but that’s the truth for many single mothers in Utah. It’s difficult enough that they’re in charge of everything their children need, and they still have work to do. However, it’s a good thing that there are programs that can help them with their bills in Utah. 

Utility Bills Help In Utah

Home Electric Lifeline Program

Utah single mothers can get assistance from the Home Electric Lifeline Program. First, they must be customers of Rocky Mountain Electric Company and be eligible for the program. It works like this: Customers who qualify receive generous discounts on their monthly bills. The amount of discount given depends on the income of the candidate, but the average maximum discount is $12.6. There are a few requirements citizens must meet, as stated on their website.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, a non-profit organization that spans many states in the USA, is a huge success story. It is known for providing shelter and food to those in need. The Salvation Army also helps people with their utility bills. Single mothers can apply to the Salvation Army for assistance with their water bill. They must first verify their eligibility to receive assistance.

Home Energy Assistance Target

Utah’s federally funded Home Energy Assistance Target project is located in Utah. It is designed to assist Utah residents with rising energy costs, particularly in winter. It is aware that energy is vital for survival in harsh weather conditions

Like many other programs, single mothers must be eligible to receive the benefits of this project. It’s important to note that this program doesn’t depend on your eligibility for welfare. You can still qualify, regardless of whether or not you are receiving assistance from other government programs.

Other Bills Help In Utah


Utah Medicaid offers healthcare coverage to single mothers who cannot afford healthcare for their children and themselves. The Medicaid program offers many benefits, including regular visits to the doctor and hospital stays. The visually impaired, elderly, pregnant women and children will also be considered. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must live in Utah full-time. 

Food Bank

The Utah Food Bank provides food for thousands of Utah residents. The main food source for the Utah Food Bank is from wholesalers, farms and other businesses that have excess food and are willing and able to provide food. Other corporations also offer regular yearly sponsorships to ensure the food bank is able to provide enough food for all those in need. Our foodbank provides precooked meals as well as boxes containing food items such as uncooked rice, potatoes, and so on.

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake 

They offer assistance to families and individuals with low incomes in many ways. They provide shelter, clothing, furniture, food, and even shelter for those who are in need. You can find seasonal clothing on their website.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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