Help With Bills In Washington

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This article is intended to provide a resourceful guide for single mothers in Washington who are trying to make ends meet while also making sure that all bills are paid on time. So, if you are looking for help with bills when living in Washington, you come to the right place!

Utility Bills Help In Washington

Washington State Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

You may be eligible for assistance through the Washington Low-Income Energy Assistance Program if your income is below 150% or lower than the poverty line. It works by granting grants to eligible applicants from their energy providers. This program is reliable because the federal government funds it. It doesn’t take into account your heat source.

WSSC Water Assistance Program

The WSSC water company makes sure that all customers have enough water to last them. The company offers support to clients who have difficulty keeping up with their expenses. This includes bill forgiveness, grant payments, adjustments to bills and other more manageable options. In cases where water bills are inflated due to bills around the house, adjustments may be granted.

PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program

Single moms who qualify can have their heating bills cut or even paid off by up to 30% with the PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program. This program is specially designed for those who have been affected by the pandemic and are in financial distress. You will need a PSE digital account to apply online. Otherwise, you can phone them or visit their offices.

Pse Home Energy Lifeline Program

Other Bills Help In Washington

Kaiser Permanente Hospital Medical Financial Assistance Program

Kaiser Permanente recognizes that medical care is often a luxury for low-income people simply because it’s not affordable. They provide emergency medical assistance to patients who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it. Single moms can use these Medical Assistance projects to make sure that they and their children have the best medical care.

The Basic Food Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as Basic Food, helps to reduce hunger in Washington State and other states. Participants receive monthly benefits and can then use the benefits to buy food at predetermined retailers. It is important to note that immigrants and citizens have different eligibility requirements.

Good Samaritan Clothing Program

In the early 1990s, the Good Samaritan Project was established to assist low-income individuals with clothing that can be adapted for different seasons. It is a section of the Goodwill of Greater Washington and works with non-profit institutions, community members and the government to distribute $25 clothing vouchers for people struggling to make ends meet.

NW Furniture Bank

Nw Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank was created to assist single mothers, families, and those who have less-than-average incomes by providing them with furniture, clothing, and other household items. This project offers items in excellent working order. Referrals are required. Potential candidates must complete an intent form, and then the application process will begin. You should note that they are just like other programs. Before any assistance can be provided, there must be certain eligibility requirements.

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Lori Pace

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