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Wisconsin is known for various accomplishments, tourist attractions and overall economic endeavours. However, it’s consistently an uphill battle for single mothers to find help when it comes to paying their bills in Wisconsin. This article lists programs that help low-income residents pay their utility bills.

Utility Bills Help In Wisconsin

Housing Cost Reduction Initiative Utility Payment Program

The program’s primary objective is to eliminate utility debts. If you have experience financial hardships that causes you to miss some payments, you can contact them to cancel your overdue payments. This benefit is extremely convenient so it’s important to wait until you have applied.

Keep Wisconsin Cool Warm Fund

Keep Wisconsin Cool Warm Fund

Keep Wisconsin Cool Warm Fund is a charity that aims to ease the hardship of adverse weather conditions for low-income individuals. This program will be of great benefit to elderly citizens, families and individuals with young children such as single mothers. 

This program provides heating and cooling. That’s what’s unique about it. Donations from the government and private companies, as well as individuals who donate their time, fund this program.

Madison Gas and Electric

The government and other agencies are not the only ones who can provide assistance. Donations from the energy fund funds Madison Gas and Electric. Regular citizens donated these funds to help ensure that everyone has fuel access. These donations are collected and distributed to eligible residents of the state.

Healthcare and Medical Bills Help In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Medical Aid

Although originally intended for older people over 65, Wisconsin Medical Aid is also suitable for single mothers as it covers children aged 18-18. This scheme covers a variety of medical needs but not those that are considered “not necessary”. Eligibility is also dependent on combined household income after taxes, as well as the number of persons living in the home with the applicant. The following individuals will be automatically eligible:

  • Currently pregnant
  • The legal guardian for a child aged 18 or younger
  • Over 65
  • You or a relative in your household with a disability
  • You’re blind

Other Help With Bills In Wisconsin

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

The Emergency Food Assistance Program Tefap

TEFAP supplies food supplies to food pantries, preparation points and food banks so that people who are eligible can obtain food supplies that have not been fully prepared or prepared from the designated sites. 

This is not to be confused, however, with the food Nutrition Supplement Program. Only eligible households will receive groceries assistance if their income is below 300% of the federal poverty line. Cans, vegetables, macaroni, and cereals make up the food supply.

Salvation Army Thrift and Family Store

The Salvation Army understands that clothing can be a luxury if you don’t have the means to afford other necessities. They have a thrift shop that is open to low-income people, and a section with free clothing for those who are really poor. This is a great resource for single moms to help them find the right clothing for their children and themselves.

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