Help With Paying Off Student Loans For Single Moms

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Forgiveness programs for students, like the Obama single mother loans, are often misunderstood. Moreover, finding grants to pay off student loans is a challenge, and single moms often struggle the most with this.

Repaying student loans is one of the most difficult challenges that students face after graduation. Fortunately, there are several single-mom services and organizations that can support them. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the most useful single-mom services and resources below.

Single Mother Student Loans Programs

Federal Obama Single Mother Loans Forgiveness

The Federal Direct Loan Program, also known as the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, provides assistance with federal single-mother student loans. Borrowers will consolidate their loans (only federal student loans) into new loans and choose a new, more manageable repayment plan as a result of the program.

There are a few repayment plan options available in the FLFP, including:

There Are A Few Repayment Plan Options Available In The Flfp Including
  • Normal
  • Contingent With Income
  • For Graduates
  • Income-Based
  • Based on the PAYE concept

Visit the Student Aid website or call 1-800-433-3243 for more information on the service and eligibility criteria for single moms.

Deferment Or Forbearance

In certain cases, a student loan deferment or forbearance may be accepted, in which case you may be entitled to have your loan sum reduced or temporarily deferred, which may help you avoid defaulting on your loan. You must contact your loan service provider to ask about eligibility in order to qualify for a deferment or single-mother forbearance. For more information, visit the Student Aid website or call the office at 1-800-433-3243 for assistance.

Debt Consolidation For Single Moms

Debt consolidation can allow you to consolidate multiple federal student loans into a single, manageable loan. Consolidation Services of the US Department of Education provides this service for free. Private loans are not liable for restructuring since only federal loans can be combined.

Individuals who have graduated, fallen below half-time attendance, or have left school are typically liable for debt consolidation. You must apply for direct loan consolidation via Please contact them at 1-800-557-7392 if you have any general questions about direct loan consolidation.

Due Date Adjustment

Due Date Adjustment

Students may be entitled to request due-to-date changes on their student loans in some cases. Single moms can get help from the following loan service providers:

CornerStone   –  Contact them on 1-800-663-1662

FedLoan Servicing – Contact them on 1-800-699-2908

Granite State  – Contact them on 1-888-556-0022

Great Lakes ELS – Contact them on 1-800-236-4300

HESC –  Contact them at 1-855-337-6884

MOHELA  – Contact them on 1-888-866-4352

Navient  – Contact them on 1-800-722-1300

Nelnet   – Contact them at 1-888-486-4722

OSLA Servicing – Contact them at 1-866-264-9762

VSAC Federal Loans – Contact them on 1-888-932-5626

Service Loan Forgiveness

Employees of government and non-profit organizations may be eligible for this program after paying 120 monthly payments while working full-time at a PSLF-participating employer. The PSLF program only accepts federal student loans. Individuals working for program eligibility should fill out the Employment Certification PSLF form and apply it on a regular basis. Check out PSLF Facts and the Q&A Section for general questions and specific details.

In conclusion, there are ways to pay off your student loan, and while it might seem impossible at first, with a little support, it can become far more attainable. For more information on how to handle credit, check out our page on low-cost credit counseling for single mothers.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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