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Helping Hands For Single Moms Organization

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HHFSM (Helping Hands for Single Moms) provides financial assistance to single mothers with low incomes while they pursue a college education. Because outcomes are important, they choose to invest in single mom college students.

How to be a Single Mom with no Help
How to be a Single Mom with no Help

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What Is The Helping Hands For Single Moms Organization?

The Helping Hands For Single Moms Organization wants to see long-term positive change as the end result of our investment. Single moms are making extraordinary sacrifices while working part-time, attending school full-time, managing their families “all of the time”. 

Helping Hands For Single Moms
Single mothers need lots of support as they have a handful already.

HHFSM helps achieve financial independence for their families by graduating and obtaining livable wages jobs. They are also modeling success for their kids and increasing the likelihood that they will continue to pursue post-secondary education and financial independence, rather than falling into poverty.

What Helping Hands For Single Moms Have Achieved Over 12 Years

  • HHFSM has helped over 300 single-mother college student families
  • Full scholarship clients enjoy a 79% graduation rate
  • 82% of HHFSM graduates have found livable wages jobs – many of them in the healthcare workforce. The average starting salary for a career is $45,766 and benefits are included.
  • HHFSM launched two nursing programs at Mesa Community College and Glendale.
  • Three clubs of Single Moms Network were established in three cities

HHFSM has their Beliefs in…

Single Mothers Need More Than Just A Scholarship

Traditional college scholarships are adequate for most college students, but single mom college students need more. As she goes to college, she has a family to support. HHFSM provides $3,340 in financial assistance to families. This is complemented by the practical in-kind services provided by community partners. 

These services include medical and dental care for moms (5 dentists), computer technology services, laptops (as required basis), carpet cleaning, professional counseling and financial management training. Mentoring, tutoring, coaching, financial management, legal counsel, mentoring and tutoring are all available. 

Helping Hands provides a key service in-kind: no-cost auto repairs. Each family receives an AAA towing membership, funds to purchase auto parts and labor free of charge from NARPRO. HHFSM has partnered with NARPRO to provide over $130,000 worth of auto repair services since 2007.

Single Mom College Student Needs A Community

Single Mom College Student Needs A Community

The Single Moms Network is an important component of HHFSM program’s success. Peer to peer interactions are a strong predictor of college success, but campus social life is not built for single mom college students.

 HHFSM has three Valley-wide Single Moms Networks to address this unique socialization need. These Networks offer single mom college students a monthly chance to share a meal with their peers and to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Measurable Outcomes For The Helping Hands For Single Moms Organization

HHFSM closely tracks academic progress by using the following methods: 

  1. Semi-annual Academic Review – demonstrates college credits (with grades) from the previous semester and registrations for classes in the next semester
  2. Graduations – they collect information from moms about their employment, income, and any feedback regarding our program to monitor postgraduate success. 

A single mom family that has achieved financial independence and left poverty is a sign of success.

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