Traits Of A High Value Man That Single Mom Should Know

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What is it that makes a man high-quality? It’s a crucial question if you want to be one, or if you want to find “the one”. Even more important is the answer and how to recognize these traits. This article will help you identify the characteristics that you must have to be a high-quality or “high-value” man. There is strong overlap between them.

To deserve a high-value woman, you must be a high-value man, or know how to become one.

Emotional Intelligence In A High-Value Man

Emotional intelligence as a combination of personality traits that help people succeed in their relationships and in life.

Emotionally Intelligent In A High-Value Man
  • Self-awareness refers to one’s emotions, drives, personality and passions
  • Self-management: Deferring pleasure, staying strength, grit
  • Social awareness: Understanding the emotions and social dynamics of others
  • Relationship management: Building and managing positive relationships

Although some psychologists dispute the existence of emotional intelligence, we all can agree that these subsets of the trait are real and that they differ from person to person.

These are all important characteristics for a high-value man because they greatly influence his ability and social standing, to move on in life, to develop as a man. And finally, to effectively relate with other people. This includes his ability to be a true gentleman: acquire friends, build relationships with women, and gain allies.

Self Awareness + Self Management

Some people have a wrong perception of emotional intelligence. It’s a touchy-feely way of living, such as sitting on a mat doing yoga, crying or being ” vulnerable”. Men who wander around in life are more likely to be self-aware and manage their own lives than those who know where they’re headed.

Self-awareness is a key to avoiding asking yourself “What’s my passion?” all your life. They work hard to achieve their goals with self-management. High-quality men know what they want and are different from those who follow the crowd.

Self-management is what separates the bums and the high achievers in this world. Men of low quality who are unable to find work pursue the immediate pleasures of drugs and booze, with no regard for tomorrow or their own future.

Social Awareness + Relationship Management

Social awareness is self-awareness applied in social situations. This allows men of high quality to see the social dynamics surrounding them. Who is in charge? Who’s confident? Who chases whom? And who doesn’t matter?

Also, social awareness helps men to adapt their behavior to the context and the situation. This is the foundation of charm and charisma and all other aspects related to social skills. Relationship management uses social awareness to create a network of positive, value-adding relationships.

A High-Value Man Always Has A Purpose

It takes very little effort to find a purpose once a man has a clear idea of what he likes and wants. A man who knows his WHY can move through life with confidence, purpose and purpose. He displays charismatic leadership qualities that are characteristic of people who know their path, even when it is dark and challenging.

A High-Value Man Always Has A Purpose And Works Hard For It

It is especially appealing for people who don’t know where to go, which is the majority of people. It is the purpose that separates men who spend their evening watching football or drinking beer from those who work to achieve their goals.

Reversal of Purpose: When It’s Too Focused

You will be more likely to reach your goal if you are determined. However, depending on the goal, it may come at the expense of your overall personality. One man who is too focused on his own goals is the stereotypical crazy genius with bad air and messy places.

You can already see the limitations. Would you be willing to have a chat with someone who lives for, say, research into black holes? What would he do in a group of socialites, at an exhibition, or at a housewarming?

Too driven people also often don’t make for good relationship partners, friends, or even conversation partners. You need balance to be a man of high quality. Even if you don’t have a life goal that includes people, you can still learn people skills to be a happier and more successful man.

A High-Value Man Knows How To Take Care Of Himself

A High-Value Man Knows How To Take Care Of Himself

Motivated men who have a purpose view themselves as machines. They believe that the better they look after the machine, they will get. They also know how things work and that the dichotomy between “being” or “appearing” is absurd.

Both of these elements feed off each other. You must also take care of the book’s cover as everyone judges a book by its cover. High-quality men are always so high-quality:

  • Take care of your health
  • Exercise
  • Continue to learn and invest in yourself.

High Self-Esteem In A High-Value Man

It is self-esteem and not confidence. Different self-esteem. Confidence fluctuates depending on how well you do in a particular field. However, self-esteem remains. Confidence is based on strengths and results. Self-esteem includes losses and weakness.

A High-Value Man Generates His Own Self-Esteem

You will always be dependent upon external forces for your self-esteem and ego, as long as you continue to rely on them. Dependence is, naturally, the root cause for all possible weaknesses.

It is true that not many people can be completely free from the results of their environment and other opinions. High-quality men are more in control of their self-esteem than other men.

Antifragile men have more self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional resilience when faced with adversities. They are more confident in their opinions than those who have them. Even if they are not popular. Because they don’t need approval, these high-quality men won’t be afraid to stand up for the things they believe in.

They seem to have a stronger inner conviction than others, and people look up to those with inner conviction. They are our rock in times of uncertainty. They are our rock during a hurricane.

A High-Value Man Is Assertive

Assertiveness allows the high-value man to:

  • Be a voice for your rights without compromising the rights of others
  • Respect others and expect fair treatment.
  • Respect others’ rights to self-determination and seek power

The passive man, on the other hand, is too afraid of speaking up and enforcing his boundaries. This puts him in a weak spot in life. The passive man is more likely to give in to manipulators and bullies when he meets them.

The assertive man takes advantage of others’ indecisiveness and powerlessness. Although he hides behind the facade of honesty and getting things done, it’s a cover-up for bullying.

A High-Value Man Has A Secure Attachment Style

A man who has a secure attachment style is emotionally mature. Secure attachment styles make men more comfortable with intimacy. They don’t fear loving, opening up and they also don’t fear being abandoned. Men without any masks.

  • He is more truthful: When you accept your imperfections, even your dark side, you will also be able to speak your mind.
  • He is positive: He doesn’t have to prove his masculinity by abusing other .

A High-Value Man Knows Power Dynamics

Advanced social skills are called power dynamics. You can’t achieve high quality without becoming an expert in certain areas of your life. Because humans are social animals, social skill is an area you should be proficient in, regardless of your chosen career path.

moral code and their integrity
He has an ethic and moral codes.

High-quality men are able to tell the difference between what is fair and what isn’t fair, what’s friendly or what’s rude, what they can and cannot take, and what they won’t take.

Establishes and enforces their boundaries

High-quality men are not too kind, afraid to stand up for themselves. He will tell anyone who crosses his boundaries that he isn’t cool with it, and that he must insist on the fair limits he believes are fair.

Because he isn’t prone to being disrespectful or mean-spirited, he will do it even with his boss. Respect is a slippery slope for men of high quality. If it happens once, people will lose respect for you. They are aware that it is a risk but their self-respect, their moral code and their integrity are more important than a job. Plus, high-quality men often get great jobs.

High-quality men at the top echelons will defend the boundaries between the people they care about and those they are responsible for. They are also very demanding at home and will not tolerate any disrespect. If the spouse cheats, she is out. They know how to deal with her if she threatens to split up.

A High-Value Man Is Honest To His Own Value System

A High-Value Man Is Honest To His Own Value System

High-quality men aren’t willing to accept the value systems of others. They create their own values and their own moral compass. They stick to that. Many value systems can give a man high worth. There are some limitations.

Alpha males are different. It’s possible to be a bit of shit but still be an alpha male. You can’t be both a piece and a high-value male.

A high value men, for example:

  • If they are looking to have a good time, don’t enter into a relationship.
  • If they don’t want to stay, don’t promise them endless love
  • They will try their best to fulfill any promise they make.

They’ll also try to stay together if they are in a relationship that promises monogamy.

A High-Value Man Has a Growth Mindset

He outlines two approaches to talent and skills in her seminal psychological research.

Not A Fixed Mindset

People with a fixed mindset believe that their characteristics are predetermined at birth and then carved into stone. There is nothing you can do to change who you are. People who have a fixed mentality avoid challenges because it would mean they are “bad” and hurt their egos. They are extremely outcome-dependent and will make many excuses if they fail. Fixed-minded men are often very protective and take everything personally, so it is difficult to have open conversations and give feedback. 

Growth Mindset

People who have a Growth Mindset believe that they can learn and grow. They are open to learning and seeking growth opportunities, because failure does not define them. They can only improve by failing. Men who have a growth mindset are more optimistic and move forward in life. They are open to criticism and are generally happier and more pleasant to be around.

A High-Value Man Takes Responsibility

You believe that you have control over your life through an internal locus of control. You believe that life events are in control of your life. High-quality men feel at the helm in their lives. You must take responsibility for your life.

This principle is called great leadership. Leadership is about taking responsibility and feeling ownership. It is the responsibility to take care of others and the feeling that your leadership can benefit your group.

This is also the best and most healthy way to be a leader in your relationship . It is also the healthiest method of maintaining attraction as well as control.

Lastly, Balance In A High-Value Man

Keep this in mind, last but not least: Most everything that is human-related involves balance and tradeoffs. It is possible to take anything positive, but if you push them too far, they can become a problem.

Too much self-care can lead to narcissism and too little vulnerability. Ineffective crybabies can be excused for being insecure, and it can lead to big errors.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!