A High Value Woman And Her Traits

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It’s important to become a high-value woman to find a high-value man. To start a family that is functional and loving, you’ll have to attract a man of high-value. However, “value” here doesn’t mean money-based quality, but how you care about yourself and know how to explore your potential!

A wise man will know that pursuing a high-quality woman is the best decision in his life. Because it will impact your success, happiness, fulfillment, and overall happiness. You probably have been on a date or shared a room with someone who is argumentative, lazy, hateful, or contentious.

The results of combining the masculine with the feminine in balance, self-awareness and shared values can make a real difference in your life. What other reason would a man of high worth choose to be a man with a partner, rather than having the sexual freedom to have a man and a woman as his wife?

Traits Of A High-Value Woman

She Embraces Femininity

As society changes, the terms masculinity and femininity become increasingly misunderstood. The root cause of all this is femininity. Men who seek a female partner with high value will be attracted to behavior that openly displays their primary female attraction factors.

Embraces Femininity

These are the attraction metrics:

  • Youth
  • Beauty
  • Fertility
  • Fidelity

Give Importance To Her Appearance

Women are attracted to beauty, youth, and fertility. High-value women take pride in their appearance and are committed to their fertility. This is a simple principle that will help you as a man to find a woman of high value. 

A High Value Woman Is Agreeable

Women will challenge men, of course. It’s part of their nature, and plays a crucial role in their vetting process. The man needs to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy challenges. 

High-value women know that being a pleasant, agreeable partner makes them more attractive. They understand that they must trust their man to lead if they are to walk with a high-value man.

A Champion of Women’s Causes

Men know how important it is not to allow women to be bitter, hateful or just plain distrustful of men. It is also true that women with high values will champion the cause of women.

An alpha male who seeks to build social hierarchies for himself and his tribe will benefit greatly from having a high-value woman in his life. She can appeal to women in the hierarchy in ways he cannot. She will be a woman women can trust, admire and look up to.

A High Value Woman Is Always Kind

A High Value Woman Is Always Kind
She is kind to everyone!

Kindness is an underrated strength. Our lives are inherently marked by violence. Every day is a struggle to build our value, overcome obstacles and win the battles.

A high-value woman will know that kindness is an inherent part of the male-female dynamic. She will be the beauty and peace that counteracts violence in the world. He returns the favor by leveraging his hard-earned value to provide her with the safety and security that she needs and wants.

It’s all connected. Both the masculine and feminine have evolved to find a perfect balance, but only if each person approaches the relationship with equal value.

Only Associates With High Value Men

You can learn a lot from a woman’s past relationships. A look at her relationship to her father will reveal a lot about her relationships with men. Is her past filled with high-value men who have made a real difference in the world? Or did she have a series of losers, abusers, or men with zero ambition to her?

Associates With High Value Men
She has her standards and she lives up to it.

Women learn from their relationships. However, is she able to add value to the life of a man who is high-value? Or has she learned to fight and struggle with men of low value?

This general principle also applies to women. If she is used to having unrespectful, trashy relationships with men, chances are that these relationships are what she has learned to avoid in her life.

High-value women will appreciate high-quality men and understand them when they see them. You can see her treatment of her father if she has never been in a serious relationship. This will reveal a lot about her future behavior.

A High Value Woman Has Good Female Friends

Women need to have close friendships with their fellow women. You can learn so much about a woman from her close friendships with other women.

  • Are her friends of high quality?
  • Is she kind to her friends?
  • Are her friends a reflection of your values, morals and worldviews
  • Are her friends willing to give her advice?
  • You could invite her friends to dinner, but not hate it or wish they would go home.
  • Do her friends have the same caliber of women as your high-value male friends?

It’s a good sign if you can answer all these questions “yes”.

Always Improving Herself

Are you constantly trying to improve your life? Are you a runner, cultivating spiritual practices, or learning new skills? Do you know how to focus on yourself and love yourself?

It’s easy to be beautiful when you are young and at your peak in the dating market. It’s one thing to work hard, but it’s another to plan for the future. Are your thoughts and actions aligned with your body, mind, and spirit?

A High Value Woman Is A Peacemaker

Are you the kind of woman she is that starts arguments and fights? Or are you the kind of woman who creates bridges and mends relationships?

There are many dramatic women around the globe. A woman of high value will always strive to make peace, even if it isn’t easy. This trait is something to be proud of in a woman. 

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!