Signs That You Are Raised By Hispanic Moms

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We are proud to have been raised Latino, by our dearest Hispanic moms, and wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Our families are different from any other culture. Each family has its own traditions, quirks and unique ways of doing things. It’s a special feeling that we feel when we think back to our childhoods and recall all the times we shared with our grandparents and parents. This feeling is something we carry with us always.

Latino parents are known for being strict and sometimes overbearing but always looking out for their children’s best interests. Family is the foundation of our culture and what makes us human. While we may be a bit embarrassed by some of the actions and words of our parents, it is worth remembering that growing up Latino was an incredible experience. 

Be Proud, You Are Raised By Hispanic Moms!

Check out this list to see if you were raised Latino. Recognize three or more of these scenarios and you are certain that you were raised by Latino parents.

Your Abuela Is Always Worried About Your Health And Believes She Has The Cure For Every Ailment

Abuelas (Hispanic Moms) believe that preventive healthcare is important. This doesn’t necessarily mean not going to the doctor for regular appointments. You can wear sweaters and socks to avoid getting sick. In a Latino household, it’s not possible to walk around naked. Your abuela strongly believes that you will get pneumonia if socks are not worn.

Vicks VapoRub can be used by all members of your family to treat everything, from colds and burns to dry, cracked skin. It’s something we grew up talking about and laughing at our aunts. But if you look in our medicine cabinets, there will be a jar of it.

Your Hispanic Moms Always Made Sure You Were Prepared When You Went Out

When living with Hispanic moms, you always had a jacket and a sweater, no matter how hot it was outside. You couldn’t leave home in the middle of summer without a sweater. Your mom was always worried that you might catch a cold.

Family Dinners Were Serious Business In Your House

Your parents, or abuelos, spend a large portion of their income on Sunday meals for the whole family. But keep in mind that the term “family”is not defined strictly. There are many tios or tias in your family that aren’t actually aunts and uncles.

Family Dinners
Huge family dinners.

The Art Of Cooking Is Taken Seriously In Your Family

Amazing tamales, pasteles, and arepas are your forte. In Latino families, cooking delicious meals for loved ones is a form of love language.

Food that does not contain adobo and chile isn’t food. Non-Latino friends will ask you if your food is spicy. Your non-Latino friends are still shocked when you tell them that your mild is hot.

You Have So Many Family Members, It’s Hard To Keep Up 

You meet new cousins when relatives visit. There are approximately 490 of them scattered around the globe. They arrive in large numbers and will stay for at least one month in your living space. Well, maybe that’s how your Hispanic moms help you improve your “social skills”!

Sometimes Family Members Party A Little Too Hard

One of your happy uncles/cousins/brothers may have by mistake passed out drunk during your wedding. It was completely expected. It’s like asking, “Is it even considered a party if at most one person doesn’t drink way too much?”

Going Out To Eat With Your Family Is An Event!

You spend five hours at restaurants with your family, driving waiters mad wherever you go. You all have a blast and make friends with strangers.

Sometimes, you might even tell relatives that the event will start two hours earlier than it actually starts so they can be there on time. This is not a good idea, as most of your relatives will still be late. It’s more that the start time is a suggestion. You could be mad, or you could just accept it.

Sometimes Your Family Does Some Peculiar Things

Your abuela/tia/prima will insist that you take everything with you when you go out for dinner. It seems crazy to not have everything you need. These little plastic jelly containers with foil covers make a great gift.

Your Hispanic Moms Did Not Play When It Came To Discipline

Not only do you know what chancleta or el Cinturon mean, but you also know their implications. Even the mere mention of one can send chills up your spine, making you feel guilty and obligated to apologize.

Quinceañeras Were A Big Deal In Your Family.


Your Hispanic moms still have to pay for the huge quinceanera party that they hosted for you, even though you are 42 years old. It was a rite for them and well worth every centavo they spent. They still talk about the beautiful centerpieces everyone stole and how 10 of them are still in storage.

Holidays Were A Little Different For You.

For at least one Halloween, you were either dressed as el Chavo del Ocho or la Chilindrina. It’s a common tactic among Latinos, and everyone is confused. Sometimes it is too difficult to explain so you just grab some candy.

Some Hispanic Moms’ Ideals Were A Bit Outdated

Hispanic mothers required you to wash all dishes in your home, but your brother was allowed to do the dishes because “he’s just a boy.” It seems that boys won’t have to wash dishes. They did force the boys to do chores like taking out the trash, but you didn’t mind.

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