Housing Assistance In Alaska For Low-Incomes

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Low-income families may find it difficult to find affordable and safe housing. However, many housing assistance programs in Alaska can help. A family can be accommodated in a neutral, cultural, or spiritual environment. This can help to foster the family’s development. We will be discussing resources available to single mothers in Alaska who are looking for a place for their children.

Emergency Housing Assistance in Alaska

The Fairbanks Rescue Mission 

A non-profit organization providing emergency services that include a bed every night in a safe environment. Accommodation is available for up to 180 days after the initial check-in. If an individual stays more than 30 days at Mission, they will be required to choose a program. This is to ensure that the guest stays focused on their self-sufficiency and the ability to overcome all circumstances.

Low-income Housing Assistance in Alaska

The Native Village of Chickaloon 

Works to improve the housing situation of their community through the development of affordable homes that are safe and healthy. It is available to qualified citizens who are either natives of Alaska or American Indians. This is done in order to improve the self-determination of tribal citizens and to help renters become homeowners. Low-income housing is more efficient due to its lower environmental impact and lower utility costs.

The Native Village Of Chickaloon

Alaska Legal Services Corporation 

Provides support to single mothers with low incomes and their communities in order to get into the justice system. This organization offers Pro Bono Training to help volunteers learn about specific legal topics so they can assist rural Alaskan clients who are in need of legal assistance.

The Alaska Housing Organization

The mission of the organization is to provide affordable housing for low-income families, including single mothers. Through constant advocacy, the organization works to raise awareness about homeownership.

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Alaska

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Alaska

Passage House

Covenant House has a Passage House for young mothers and pregnant teens. The Passage House was created to help homeless young mothers and teens who are pregnant find a safer shelter. The house is available for residence for up to 18 months. After completing the program, young women leave with plans to purchase a home and not require public assistance.

Blood and Fire 

An organization based on faith that managed the Knik House, their first transitional living facility. They offer assistance to people who are homeless for many reasons. Residents are equipped to achieve stable self-sufficiency. Knik House currently offers housing for 12-18 months.

Home Improvement Grants In Alaska

Cook Inlet Housing Authority 

This organization works on both renovations and construction of new homes through its programs of weatherization, residential home improvement, and building. The team assists homeowners and renters in improving the safety and affordability of their homes. Home improvement assistance is available from the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) for eligible homeowners. This program helps homeowners replace or repair any ageing or damaged elements within their homes. It also reduces energy costs, improves safety and comforts them.

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