Housing Assistance In Arizona

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It can be difficult to find a safe place to call home. However, it is an essential need. Housing assistance programs are available to low-income earners, especially single mothers, to help them and their families find safe and secure places to live in Arizona.

Organizations Provide Housing Assistance In Arizona

Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) 

A local organization that provides housing assistance. The programs help individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency through affordable housing and other services. The nonprofit charity has for-profit subsidiaries that the organization manages. They help low-income families, including single mothers who are in dire need.

  1. Homelessness
  2. For rental assistance
  3. For homeownership assistance
  4. Utility assistance
Chicanos Por La Causa Cplc

La Mesa Ministries 

A faith-based organization provides housing assistance. A housing navigator is assigned to help in finding affordable and safe housing. To find the best housing solution for the family, the navigator will work closely alongside authorities, landlords, as well as other organizations. 

They will assist with all paperwork, including completing application forms and gathering documentation. After the family has received the keys, the Housing Counselor will ensure that they have all the necessary items to move in. On request, assistance with moving is provided. They can help you understand the rules and regulations of your property.

Emergency & Low-Income Housing Assistance In Arizona

The Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) 

The organization provides shelter for the homeless. They offer other services to help families and individuals, including case management and employment assistance that can assist with obtaining permanent housing. Its mission is to prevent and end homelessness for individuals and families, while advocating compassionate community solutions.

The Human Services Campus Inc. 

The Human Services Campus Inc. works with partner tenants in order to provide services for ending homelessness. The organization provides a housing plan to each client. It can be either a short-term or long-term plan that will help you avoid homelessness. They also offer resources and services that can help with homelessness. They can connect clients with suitable services, including shelter, housing, or other assistance.

Arizona Housing Inc. 

The Arizona Housing Inc. organization works to end homelessness and help individuals achieve true self-sufficiency through affordable quality housing and comprehensive social services.

The Housing Opportunity Center (HOC) 

Non-profit organization offering housing options for low-income families in Phoenix, Arizona. This organization has connections to many housing options that are safe and convenient for families. They offer information on clearing a house as well as resources for those looking for affordable housing.

The Housing Opportunity Center Hoc

Housing for Hope

Housing for Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing options for low-income families. They are able to offer affordable housing through partnerships with private developers and State, County, and City supporters.

Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona 

The Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona provides assistance to homeowners. Pre-purchase counseling is combined with financial assistance (down payment, match savings programs) to help qualifying low-income first-time homebuyers. Housing Solutions is an approved Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing counseling agency.

Their Housing Counselors have been trained and certified by NeighborWorks. They offer confidential, one-on-1 assistance to assist families in northern Arizona in preparing for homeownership or navigating the difficult purchase process.

Rent Assistance In Arizona

New Leaf Rapid Rehousing

The New Leaf Rapid Rehousing, when combined with Housing Case Management, provides a short-term rental assistance program that can make it easier for families and individuals to keep their homes long-term. This program assists families in finding affordable apartments and understanding their rights as tenants.

Eviction Prevention And Legal Assistance

Community Legal Services

A non-profit law firm that is committed to increasing legitimacy in civil justice. It advocates, litigates, and educates the community. This organization assists low-income Arizonans in finding decent, safe housing. Through education, short service and legal representation, they empower current and future homeowners as well as tenants.

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Arizona

The UMOM New Day Centers 

Shelter services are one of the most important services provided by the center. The center tailors its services and programs to meet the specific needs of each individual or family that registers with it. Each family is provided with a private room on campus. 

Case managers guide family members to create a unique housing plan and strategy. This helps them overcome any obstacles that could have led them to homelessness. A wellness clinic is available on campus to assist children and young people in remaining in good health.

Maggie’s Place

Maggie’s Place supports pregnant women and their children. They offer programs and services that will help them become self-sufficient. The homes are open to women during pregnancy and up to one year after birth. Each woman is paired with a family counselor who will help her create individualized life plans that will assist in achieving independence for herself and her children.

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