Housing Assistance In Colorado

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A safe, clean and secure shelter is an essential need for single mothers with low incomes. Colorado offers many resources and housing assistance programs that can help you avoid homelessness.

Emergency Housing Assistance In Colorado

Aurora Warms the Night 

A charity that helps families and individuals in need of shelter. This organization offers shelter and motel vouchers.

Sunshine Home Share Colorado 

A non-profit organization that assists people in using the extra space in their homes to make income help with basic household chores, decrease loneliness and provide housing for those in need. Initial screening and matching are done. This is a client-driven process that ensures the best possible in-home matches. Each match is unique and is determined by the individual participants. Both home seekers and providers can choose the person they wish to live with.

The Hope House Colorado Organization 

The Residential Program provides a safe and stable environment for teenage moms and their children. This program is especially for moms who live in unsafe areas or who have been homeless. The moms have access to a 12-bedroom home with emergency care and transitional housing for up to nine months.

The Hope House Colorado Organization

Rent Assistance In Colorado

The Colorado Homeless Prevention Programs 

These funds are available for emergency rental assistance for low-income households at high risk of losing their homes or being evicted. The state funds housing programs through tax credits and adjustments.

Eviction Prevention And Legal Assistance

The Colorado Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Help Programs 

The program aims to help residents of Colorado pay their mortgages and can even provide foreclosure assistance. All cities, including Denver and Colorado Springs, have financial counseling and advice.

The Colorado Poverty Law Project (CPLP) 

One non-profit organization in Colorado works to end homelessness. They do this by providing legal representation and education about housing laws. This non-profit assists low-income people who are facing eviction or other housing-related issues.

The Colorado Poverty Law Project Cplp

Charities And Churches Housing Assistance In Colorado

The First Mennonite Church (FMC) 

The church offers assistance with utility and rent to residents living around it. In an average year, they help 450 families. The First Mennonite Church assists neighbors in Westside, Colorado by keeping their lights on and allowing them to remain in their homes.

Denver Rescue Mission 

A non-profit organization that assists people who are homeless and need shelter, food, or safety. This organization provides emergency services like shelter and meals, but also offers long-term solutions like rehabilitation and transitional programs.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Colorado

The Family Promise of Colorado Springs

A group that provides safe and comfortable accommodation to guest families during their week-long stay at one of their member congregations. This is known as Interfaith Hospitality Network. While staying at the congregation’s facilities, the volunteers offer three meals and evening hospitality to families in dire need.

The Colorado Coalition For The Homeless 

They also offer Family Support Services, which helps families experiencing homelessness (especially with children younger than 18 years) to access housing services. These services are available through the Family Support Services Program: Information and referrals for emergency shelters, and Information about housing

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance in Colorado

The Colorado Homeownership Coalition

Non-profit organizations offer mortgage assistance programs for homeowners who have experienced a temporary loss of income. This helps homeowners avoid late mortgage payments and allows them to regain their self-sufficiency. The Colorado Homeownership Coalition can help a family or individual who is facing an unplanned work layoff, expense, or other catastrophic events that could affect their ability to repay their mortgage.

The Colorado Community Land Trust (CCLT) 

A non-profit organization providing affordable homeownership options for low-income families and individuals. This organization assists families in improving their financial situation, navigating the home-buying process, and finally achieving homeownership. These resources can be not only beneficial to residents but also help local and regional economies.

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