Housing Assistance In Idaho

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Idaho is well-known for its beautiful mountains and natural beauty. However, underneath all that lies housing struggles for single mothers as well as those who are struggling to make ends meet. The internet information is often incomplete or incorrect, making matters worse. This article is intended to provide a single source for assistance in housing across Idaho.

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Idaho

Idaho Housing and Finance Association

It is a difficult fight to stop homelessness and discrimination in housing. The federal government funds the Idaho housing department’s efforts to end homelessness and provide fair and affordable housing for low-income residents of the state. As well as temporary or permanent housing, grants are available to assist with other costs such as rent or mortgage down payments.

Idaho Housing And Finance Association


Women’s and Children’s Alliance

This program is for single mothers, women, and children who are homeless. There are private rooms and shared areas such as a kitchen and lounge. The program lasts 120 days, and residents get to shelter as well as counseling on how to get on their feet again. This program is ideal for anyone fleeing domestic violence.

Rent Assistance in Idaho

Emergency Solutions Grant

Idaho Housing and Finance Association administers an emergency grant program for Idahans who have lost their employment and are unable to pay rent. These grants are intended for Idahans who are homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless. The program is available on an emergency and eligibility basis. Citizens with very urgent cases will be given preference.

Rental Assistance Program

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association, in partnership with the Housing and Urban Development, runs a rental assistance program which is particularly beneficial for single mothers. The program assists the homeless in finding affordable and decent housing. Once they have found the right place, they help them pay their rent and sometimes their utility bills.

The Section 8 Program

Housing and Urban Development manages the popular section 8. It is available in all 50 states. Because of its efficiency in providing rent aid, single mothers should consider the program. This project faces one problem: candidates must meet the strict eligibility requirements and wait on the long list for grants.

The South Western Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority

The mission of the southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority is to promote stability and independence for low-income residents. This is achieved through fair housing policies that ensure low-income individuals are not discriminated against in housing and all have access to decent housing. Single mothers can receive grants, rent assistance, and subsidized housing under the housing authority.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance in Idaho

Idaho Legal Aid Services

Single mothers, the elderly, and those with low incomes face constant struggles and are often completely helpless. Legal aid is needed for things like eviction proceedings or housing contracts. These things require the expertise of a professional attorney, but most people in the area don’t have the means to afford one. The Idaho Legal Aid Services helps low-income people with all aspects of their housing legalities.

Idaho Legal Aid Services

House Repair Assistance in Idaho

Section 504 Home Repair Program

Home improvement is not just about aesthetics. Sometimes repairs are necessary to eliminate safety hazards, especially for the elderly or children living in the home. If you are struggling to make ends fit, home repairs might not be within your budget. However, because it is absolutely necessary, section 504. The program provides grants and loans to those who truly need them. You can get up to $20 000 in affordable loans or $7500 per grant through this program.

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance in Idaho

The Federal Housing Administration Down Payment Grant

A mortgage loan approval is a daunting task for anyone looking to buy a home. Add in closing costs and down payments, and it might make you reconsider your decision. Federal Housing Administration payment grants are available to help low-income homeowners pay a portion of their mortgage. Your credit score and annual income will impact the amount you pay. You must also prove that you can afford the remaining mortgage payments.

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