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Economic problems can be extremely difficult for all of us. These financial difficulties can be more difficult for some people than others, such as single mothers. Single mothers can experience many hardships in their lives. Their top priority is to have a decent, affordable home for their family. But sometimes, it may not be possible to afford rent or any other household expenses. It is important to get financial assistance. We’ve listed several federal, state and local housing assistance programs that are available in Indiana for single moms. Continue reading to find the best program for you.

Rent Assistance For Housing In Indiana

The Indiana Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Federal funding is used to fund the Indiana Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program has the mission to help low-income families afford houses with affordable rents. Once you have been accepted, you can choose the home you love.

After you have made your decision on your apartment or home, the Indiana Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program will make a deal with you and pay a portion of your rent. The program will cover the remainder, which is approximately 30-40 per cent of your rent.

The Indiana Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Continuum of Care Network

This non-profit housing agency is located in Indiana. This organization’s primary purpose is to offer housing assistance to people in financial need. This organization is open to single mothers with housing issues.

Greater Hammond Community Services Inc.

Another non-governmental organization located in Indiana is the Greater Hammond Community Services Inc. The Greater Hammond Community Services Inc. offers a variety of programs for families with low- or moderate incomes. 

These services include winter and summer utility assistance, re-housing and eviction prevention programs. Weatherization, cash assistance and other community needs. There are many options available depending on your particular case. These benefits are available to single mothers. Call 219-932-4800 to learn more about these benefits.

Stopover, Inc.

Stopover, Inc. provides social services for Indiana’s junior residents. This community is for young single mothers who can’t afford to pay rent or a home. The Crisis Intervention Shelter provides shelter support.

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Indiana

Homeless Shelter Assistance In Indiana

Transitional Living for Homeless Youth Program

In Indiana, the federal government manages the Transitional Living for Homeless Youth Program. This program is available to young single mothers at risk of becoming homeless. They offer housing assistance to your family until you can become financially independent. The program encourages you to learn and improve your skills.

Salvation Army Housing and Homeless Services

In Indiana, the Salvation Army Housing and Homeless Services offers temporary emergency shelters and houses to people in financial need. The Salvation Army manages Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center. 

This center offers shelter for homeless and abused moms. This center can help with everything from budget counseling to finding a home to employment training and legal assistance. Call 317-637-551 for more information.

The Calumet Township Trustee’s Office

Calumet Township Trustee’s Office, a local non-profit organization, is designed to provide emergency housing for women and children. It offers rental assistance, job search assistance, and vendor assistance. This option is for single mothers who need housing assistance.

Posterity Heights

Posterity Heights, a local initiative that works for single mothers in Indiana, is an organization that was founded. The State of Indiana and local residents support this organization. Applicants can receive affordable and secure housing assistance. They also offer high-tech classes that will help you improve your skills.

Dayspring Center Wellspring Cottage

The Wellspring Cottage is a local shelter for the homeless. This shelter is available to those who need a place to stay for a time with their family. These shelters can be rented for up to 2 years.

Good News Ministries Family Transitional Shelter

Good News Ministries Family Transitional Shelter, a Christian-based charity organization, is available. This charity aims to end homelessness in Indiana. They offer housing assistance to people who are in financial need. 

This organization allows single mothers to apply for housing assistance to provide safe housing options for their children. Single mothers can receive training and education through the shelter until they become financially independent. For more information, call 317 638 2862.

The Julian Center

The Julian Center is the largest center for women who have been victims of sexual violence. They have been in operation since 1975. They offer temporary housing assistance to single mothers. You may be eligible for rent assistance if you meet certain financial criteria. Call the crisis line at 317-920-9320 for more information.

Eviction Prevention And Legal Assistance In Indiana For Housing

Coburn Place Safe Haven

Coburn Place Safe Haven, a non-profit organization in the area, is designed to assist women and their children. This organization prioritizes domestic violence victims. It is best to seek temporary housing assistance if you have been a victim of domestic violence. You can get legal help, rent support or cash assistance from the Coburn Place Safe Haven, depending on your unique circumstances. Call 317-923-5750 to learn more.

Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network

Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network is an organization that works to prevent residents from being forced out. You can contact them if you find yourself in this situation. The network also offers the Hardest Hit Fund Program. This program helps homeowners who have difficulty paying their mortgages. You may be eligible for cash assistance up to $30,000.

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