Housing Assistance In Massachusetts 

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Unexpected challenges and other issues can arise in life. Although many people have to deal with these problems, those in the most disadvantaged groups may face greater challenges than others. Single mothers are one of these groups. They must provide for their own needs as well as their children’s. The solution to problems that get worse is usually financial assistance, especially for housing issues in Massachusetts.

A safe, affordable home can make the life of a single mom easier. Single mothers in Massachusetts can get financial help from a variety of federal and local agencies. Let’s look at these programs if you need assistance with your household.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Massachusetts

State-Aided Public Housing

Over 240 local housing agencies are available to assist low-income residents in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts funds State Aided Public Housing. This means that the State of Massachusetts financially supports these establishments. These housing benefits are administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). 

They provide financial assistance to low-income families. Single mothers can contact DHCS to find the nearest State Aided Public Housing Agency in their area. If you’re 60 years old or older, this department can also help your household with financial aid.

State Aided Public Housing

Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT)

The State of Massachusetts provides housing services to its residents through more than 240 institutions. However, the federal government also offers financial assistance programs to low-income Massachusetts citizens. The U.S. supports these programs. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is responsible for these programs. 

Residential Assistance for Families in Transition is a program that helps people who are homeless or are in transition. This program can help single mothers who are about to lose their homes. RAFT also offers financial assistance for moving expenses and deposits if you’re eligible for rent assistance.

The Massachusetts Emergency Assistance (EA Program)

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) administers the program and provides temporary shelter and support services to families experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts. To qualify for the program, families must be homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, have at least one dependent child, and meet certain income and asset requirements. You can apply for the EA Shelter Program through your local Department of Transitional Assistance office or by calling the statewide EA intake line at 1-866-584-0653.

Rent Assistance in Massachusetts 

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The federal government supports this program. Approximately 72,000 Massachusetts residents use the section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program is available to single mothers with financial difficulties paying rent. Section 8 will pay 60 per cent to 70 per cent of your monthly rent if you are eligible. 

For Section 8, your gross income should not exceed 30 per cent of the Massachusetts median household income. This is for 75 per cent of families. This percentage may vary depending on the number of family members you have.

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP)

The Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program offers rent assistance to low-income individuals. This program is for single mothers who have financial difficulties paying rent. The MRVP’s primary criteria are your household size and total household income. Your household income must not exceed 50 per cent of the Massachusetts median income.

MassSAVE Program

MassSAVE is funded primarily by Massachusetts utility companies to improve energy efficiency. This program helps tenants who cannot afford their rents or people who need to save energy in their homes. MassSave is a flexible program that addresses many problems to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This program is available to single moms looking for information and energy-saving products. They may be able to offer financial assistance if you are eligible.

Massachusetts Alternative Housing Voucher Program

The Massachusetts Alternative Housing Voucher Program provides financial assistance to people below 60 who have difficulty paying rent. Single mothers with disabilities and younger than 60 years can live in public housing funded by the state. Accepted applicants receive 70 to 75 per cent of their monthly rent from AHVP. This can vary depending on your financial and family situation.

Massachusetts Housing Consumer Education Centers

Housing Consumer Education Centers in Massachusetts (HCEC), a non-profit organization, helps people in financial need. This program may be available to single mothers looking for assistance with their rent payments. 

Massachusetts Housing Consumer Education Centers

Worcester Catholic Charities

Worcester Catholic Charities provides emergency financial assistance for those with low income. This charity is a great option for single mothers who need cash support to pay their rent, household bills, and other home needs. The primary goal of the organization is to prevent Massachusetts homelessness.

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance in Massachusetts

My Mass Mortgage

My Mass Mortgage is a foundation funded by the State of Massachusetts. It helps people who are looking to buy their first home. My Mass Mortgage is available to single mothers who want to become homeowners. They will help you find a safe, affordable house in Massachusetts if you are eligible. For those looking to buy their first home, this foundation may be able to help them.

Mass Housing

Mass Housing is a financial assistance program partially funded by Massachusetts. This is available to single mothers who want to purchase their first home. Mass Housing can help you find affordable mortgage options for your first home. They can also help you with your moving expenses.

Massachusetts Emergency Assistance Shelter (EA)

Massachusetts Emergency Assistance Shelter is a housing program that gives priority to pregnant women and single mothers. This institution is available to single mothers at risk of becoming homeless. To qualify for their assistance, they will require you to show proof of your housing problems.

Utility Bills Grants in Massachusetts


EnergyBucks, a utility program, is funded by Massachusetts utility companies and the Association for Community Action. This program allows you to receive cash for utility bills. EnergyBucks can be used to save energy and provide cash assistance for single mothers.

Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund

The Salvation Army of Massachusetts supports the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund. This fund assists single mothers with their utility bills. This organization is available to single moms in need of financial assistance with their bills.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance for Housing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation, a non-profit legal office, aims to offer free legal guidance for low-income families. Single moms facing forced eviction or who need legal assistance, can request legal guidance. You can get free legal assistance from them.

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney General’s Office provides information on tenant rights and legal resources, as well as information on how to file a complaint against a landlord. They also have a hotline for housing-related issues. 

Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Volunteer Lawyers Project offers free legal assistance to low-income tenants facing eviction, as well as other legal issues. They can provide representation in court and help negotiate with landlords. 

Massachusetts Bar Association

The Massachusetts Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service to help connect tenants with attorneys who specialize in housing law. 

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