Housing Assistance In Michigan

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Single mothers need a safe, affordable house that is secure. Single moms can get help from federal, state and non-governmental agencies. Let’s explore the possibilities in Michigan if you are looking for housing financial assistance for your family.

General Financial Assistance in Michigan

Michigan Earned Income Credit (MEIC)

Michigan Earned Income Credit is a federally funded program. It aims to help low-income families reduce poverty in Michigan. If you have at least two children, single mothers can apply for financial assistance. You must submit your tax returns to be eligible for the program.

Michigan Earned Income Credit Meic

State Emergency Relief Program (SER)

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services manages the State Emergency Relief Program. They are designed to provide cash assistance to low-income individuals. This program is available to single mothers who need financial assistance for their families. 

They will help you with your rent, mortgage agreements and moving costs if you’re eligible. These opportunities are not the only ones. The State Emergency Relief Program also works with non-governmental organizations throughout Michigan.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Michigan

Continuum of Care Program (CoC) in Michigan

The Continuum of Care Program, which residents of Michigan fund, the Federal Government and the State of Michigan, is funded by these entities. This program’s main purpose is to eliminate homelessness in Michigan. Coc offers temporary or permanent housing depending on the applicants’ housing situation. 

This program is available to single mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless or those already homeless. You can share secure, affordable housing with your children if you’re eligible for the program.

Continuum Of Care Program Coc In Michigan

Covenant House Michigan

Covenant House Michigan is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, and supportive services to homeless and at-risk youth. Their services include case management, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and educational and employment support.

Housing Assistance in Michigan

Family Independence Program (FIP)

The Department of Health and Human Services manages the Family Independence Program. This program offers cash support for single mothers. This program is for single moms who need cash assistance to pay their rent or utility bills.

Section 8-Public Housing and Housing Vouchers

The most popular housing assistance program in the country is Section 8. The Public Housing Authorities manage this program. These authorities help people in financial need to pay their rent. Section 8 may be applied for by single mothers to receive support with rent.

Wayne County’s Rent Assistance and Homeless Prevention Program

Wayne County’s Rent Assistance and Homeless Prevention Program provides cash assistance for people facing financial difficulties. This program’s main purpose is to decrease poverty in Michigan. This program is for single mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless. Cash assistance can be offered to those who are eligible. 

You may also be eligible for financial assistance to pay your rent, mortgage payment, and utility bills. It is important that you prove to the program that you are not in a financial position that is sufficient.

Detroit Friendship House

Detroit Friendship House, a non-governmental organization located in Michigan, is one example. This organization provides financial assistance for people in economic difficulty. This organization can help single moms with rent payments, utility bills, and mortgage plans. They can also help you find a safe place to live.

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance in Michigan

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Federal Housing Administration is a federally funded foundation. They offer loans to single mothers. This can be a great opportunity for single moms as they prioritize single mothers. This institution can provide cash assistance to single mothers who want their own homes.

United States Department of Agriculture Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture offers cash assistance for people in Michigan who are experiencing financial difficulties. This federal department offers cash assistance to single mothers looking for assistance with mortgage/housing payments and cash assistance. They give preference to those who are moving to rural Michigan. 

You must have a minimum credit score of at least 640 and live in a USDA-approved house to apply for this program. This program may be an option if you want to own a home in a rural part of Michigan.

Utility Bills Financial Assistance for Housing in Michigan

Citizens Oil Heat Program

Citizens Oil Heat Program is for people who have heating oil needs but aren’t eligible for LIHEAP. If single mothers applied for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program but were not approved, they can consider the Citizens Oil Heat Program in Michigan.

HeatShare Program in Michigan

The Salvation Army funds the Heatshare Program in Michigan to provide utility support for people with low incomes. The eligibility requirements for the HeatShare program are available to low-income single mothers in Michigan.

People Care Program

Michigan’s Salvation Army has another utility program, the People Care Program. This program helps people in need of financial assistance. This program is open to single moms looking for financial assistance with their utility bills. 

Home Heating Credit in Michigan

The Michigan Department of the Treasury finances the Home Heating Credit program. This program provides cash assistance for low-income families in Michigan. Home Heating Credit is available to single mothers who require assistance with heating bills

Weatherization Assistance Program in Michigan (WAP)

To help low-income families, the Weatherization Assistance Program in Michigan is funded by federal funds. This program provides energy efficiency services. This program is available to single mothers who are landlords or renters and provides free energy assistance.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance for Housing in Michigan

Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM)

Legal Services of South Central Michigan is a non-profit organization which aims to help low-income residents with legal matters. In some cases, it is not necessary to be a low-income person. This organization can help single moms who are facing forced evictions or have legal issues with their landlords. They can help you with any legal questions or concerns you may have. They may also offer legal assistance if they feel you are in need of one. 

Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA)

The MSHDA provides a range of services to help prevent evictions and homelessness, including rental assistance, utility assistance, and emergency home repairs. They also offer a free Eviction Diversion Program that provides financial assistance to tenants who are behind on rent due to COVID-19.

Michigan Community Action Agency

The Michigan Community Action Agency provides assistance to low-income families, including rental and utility assistance, emergency shelter, and case management services. They have a network of local offices throughout the state.

United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC)

The UCHC is a nonprofit organization that provides housing advocacy and legal services to low-income residents of Detroit. They offer a range of services, including eviction prevention, tenant rights education, and legal representation in eviction cases.

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