Housing Assistance In Montana

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Single mothers have access to many federal, regional and local programs. These housing assistance programs are available to single moms who have financial difficulties and provide their own homes in Montana.

For most people, life can be difficult. Low-income families can feel burdened by economic difficulties. Being a parent is not easy. However, being a single mom requires more. Single mothers most often seek financial aid to help them afford their household. They sometimes have difficulty finding affordable housing. 

Rent Assistance in Montana

Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation Programs

The federal government supports the Housing Choice Voucher program and Moderate Rehabilitation program. These programs provide financial assistance to low-income families. Housing Choice Voucher Program provides rent assistance for Montana residents who are disabled or elderly. This program is open to single mothers with disabilities and elderly parents. Modified Rehabilitation offers similar assistance for people in need. This program is available to single mothers looking for financial assistance for their families.

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance in Montana

Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

The federal government runs the Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program. They are primarily for Native Americans who need financial assistance. This program is available to Native single mothers in Montana. The program provides loans to eligible individuals. Since 1992, they have helped Native Americans. You can also get financial assistance to purchase your home. This program provides financial assistance but also assists with housing needs, especially for single mothers.

Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

USDA Rural Housing Service

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service has several programs available for low-income households. They are primarily focused on providing housing assistance in rural areas. This institution is open to single mothers in Montana who are willing to live in rural areas with their children. The organization provides financial assistance to single mothers in a number of ways. They collaborate with other tribes and local agencies.

NeighborWorks Montana (NWMT)

NeighborWorks Montana is a non-governmental organization located in Montana. Their main goal is to offer housing assistance for rural residents with low incomes. This program is for single mothers who want to buy their first home. They offer a wide range of services. They can assist you from the beginning to the end if you are eligible. The NWMT can help you find a home or negotiate with the landlord.

Neighborworks Montana Nwmt

Montana Homeownership Network

Montana Homeownership Network is a resource for single mothers looking to purchase their first home. They can provide education about buying your first house. They can help you locate the perfect home for your family, and they will negotiate with the landlord. This network can help you with your mortgage payments.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Montana

The Poverello Center

The Poverello Center, a non-governmental organization, aims to assist Montana’s low-income families. Their primary goal is to combat homelessness. Since its inception, this institution has served low-income individuals for over 40 years. This organization is available to single moms who require a safe place to live with their families for a period of time. Other community services are also offered to single mothers.

Ada’s Place Housing Programs

The Ada’s Place Housing Program runs by the YWCA Missoula, Montana. Its mission is the support low-income families. They offer assistance with housing, but they also help people become financially independent. This program can be used by single mothers in need of housing assistance. After a while, they can help them become financially independent. The main programs they offer are:

  • Gateway Assessment Center – This center offers temporary housing to single mothers with children younger than 18. This centre offers secure housing until you can become an independent single mom.
  • Ada’s Place Transitional Housing – For victims of domestic violence who have just become single mothers. This program provides an 18-month program. They will provide guidance and education throughout this program to help you become independent. This program is designed to help you survive without your family.
  • Ada’s Place Emergency Housing – An emergency program that provides housing for the homeless. This program is for single mothers looking for permanent housing. This program is for 50 days.

Affordable Housing Assistance in Montana

The Montana Board of Housing

To reduce poverty, the Montana Board of Housing is managed by the State of Montana. This program is open to Montana residents with low income. This program is for single mothers looking for a low-cost, safe home. This organization may be able to help you with rent, mortgage payments, and cash assistance if you’re eligible.

Montana Human Resource Development Council

Montana Human Resource Development Council, a Montana charity organization. They provide financial assistance to low-income people. This program is available to single mothers with disabilities, particularly for rent assistance.

Community Hope

Community Hope, a Montana charity that helps low-income residents, is located in Montana. This organization is available to single mothers looking for financial assistance. They can help you with rent, utility bills, and cash problems. Community Hope offers housing assistance for those who are going to be homeless. Community Hope also offers household assistance for those who may not require all the services.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance for Housing in Montana

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance

Self Help Law

Self Help Law is for anyone who needs legal guidance. This law office can help single mothers who require legal assistance or have legal problems with their homeowners. For those who cannot afford a lawyer, their services are free.

Montana Legal Services Association HelpLine

Montana provides free legal guidance to its citizens. The Montana Legal Services Association Helpline is available to single mothers facing eviction or problems with their homeowner. They can also help with legal questions.

Montana Court Help

Montana Court Help provides information and resources related to court procedures, including information on landlord-tenant law and eviction proceedings.

Utility Bills Assistance in Montana

Montana Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) for Housing

The Department of Health and Human Services supports the Montana Low Income Energy Assistance Program. Montana residents with low incomes can receive utility assistance from the federal government. This program is available to single mothers who are experiencing financial hardship and cannot pay their bills.

Lifeline Montana

Lifeline Montana is a federally funded service for low-income Montana households. They are here to help you pay your phone bill. They believe every household should have a phone to communicate. This service is available to single moms who need cash assistance with their phone bills. You can qualify for a discount each month based on your financial situation.

Energy Share of Montana

Energy Share of Montana, another civil society organization, is also available in Montana. This organization’s primary purpose is to assist low-income families. Energy Share of Montana can help single moms looking for assistance with utility bills or any other household items.

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