Housing Assistance In South Carolina

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South Carolina is the oldest and most populous state in the United States. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are cool. It is affordable considering housing, taxes, utilities, as well as housing. Although it seems like a great place to live, some groups might face economic difficulties such as single mothers. Single mothers in South Carolina may have difficulty paying rent, utilities, or might need housing assistance. Let’s find out what state, federal, or local programs they are eligible for.

Catholic Charities of South Carolina

Catholic Charities is a very efficient non-profit organization in South Carolina. They provide a variety of services to South Carolinians. Single mothers can benefit from two of these programs, Pregnancy & Family and Homeless & Outreach. Applications can also participate in classes that offer cash assistance and transitional housing.

Catholic Charities Of South Carolina

Housing Assistance in South Carolina for Homeless

The Family Shelter (FS)

This local non-profit organization aims to decrease homelessness among low-income families in South Carolina. Single mothers with children are preferred by the FS. They can stay in an emergency shelter with their children until they are financially independent. This organization offers educational courses to women in order to enhance their skills and abilities. You can apply for the FS if you need emergency housing assistance. Once you have been accepted, you will be able to live with your family for up to 120 days. The Family Shelter will reevaluate your case and extend your stay if you are unable to find work or afford a home on your own after this period.

Christ Central Ministries – Hannah House

Christ Central Ministries, a local organization in the state, offers a variety of housing programs. Hanna House is a temporary shelter that provides support for women who are single or with children. Hanna House’s main goal is to ensure that every woman can manage their household on her own. It offers educational courses that increase women’s skills and capabilities. You can find more information on their website or call 803-771-4357.

Friendship Place, Inc.

Friendship Place, Inc., a local charity, offers shelters for the homeless in South Carolina. This charity helps low-income individuals who want to improve their economic situation. It works to end homelessness by supporting others. Friendship Place, Inc. is available to single moms looking for transitional housing or economic independence. To learn more, please visit their website or call 843-545-1115.

Friendship Place Inc

Nurture Home (Women, Mothers)

The Nurture Home is a non-profit community organization in the area that provides temporary housing for homeless mothers and young children. The Nurture Home provides housing assistance, as well as mental health support for women. There are many shelters available throughout South Carolina. You can find the closest shelter near you by visiting their website or calling 803-641-4164.

The Haven Shelter

Since 1983, The Haven Shelter has been a non-profit shelter for low-income families. They can prioritize single moms. The shelter will offer educational classes for eligible applicants once they are accepted. The organization supports two programs: Homelessness Prevention and Emergency Shelter. These programs provide housing and financial aid. For more information, visit their website or call 864 582 6737.

The Salvation Army

This is one the most powerful non-profit organizations in the United States. It provides shelter and emergency cash support for families with financial difficulties. If single mothers are experiencing financial difficulties and require these services, they can apply at the Salvation Army’s nearest office in South Carolina. For more information, visit their website or dial 704-522-4970.

St. Lawrence Place

This local shelter provides housing assistance to residents who are in need. St. Lawrence Place is open to eligible applicants for up to two years. They also offer various programs to help people improve their economic status. This organization has been a boon to many single mothers. For more information, visit their website or call 803-602-6379.

Rental And Utility Bills Assistance in South Carolina

South Carolina Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP, one of the federally-funded utility programs, aims to assist low-income residents with their utilities bills. If you are a single mom and need assistance with utility bills, LIHEAP is an option. For more information, visit their website or call 1-800-251-7234.

Section 8-South Carolina Housing Choice Voucher Program

Another federally funded program, this one offers rental assistance for families with low or moderate incomes. This program is for single mothers looking for an apartment or a house. Families that meet the criteria can rent a house to live in.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance in South Carolina

South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS)

South Carolina Legal Services provides legal support to people who cannot afford it. The Federal Legal Services Corporation funds this non-governmental civil rights group. Its mission is to ensure everyone has equal access to the law and representation. SCLC can help single moms seeking legal assistance. Visit their website to learn more or call 1-888-346-5592.

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