Housing Assistance In Tennessee

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Tennessee is one the most affordable places to live. Although Tennessee is well-known for its natural beauty, it can be difficult to live there due to economic and social issues. Single mothers might face financial difficulties, especially if they are single. To live in a safe and decent house, they will need assistance with financial, housing, legal, and utility costs. There are many federal, state and local programs that offer them assistance for housing in Tennessee.

Rental Assistance in Tennessee

Rental Assistance Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

The federal government funds this program for residents with low or moderate incomes in Tennessee. This program is available to single mothers who need rent support. You will be eligible for specific rental assistance according to your household income. There is often a waiting list so you need to apply quickly. 

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Tennessee

The Restoration House

The Restoration House is an independent local organization. This organization provides services to single-parent families. This organization offers emergency shelters, temporary shelters, and adoption agencies for single-parent families in crisis. For more information or to apply, visit their website. or call 865 200 5406.

The Restoration House

Tennessee Continuum of Care (COC)

Tennessee COC offers housing assistance to individuals and families who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports it. COC can help with permanent and transitional housing, depending on the case.

Her Faith Ministries

This non-profit housing agency helps homeless single mothers and their children. This organization’s mission is to ensure that single mothers who can not afford a home or are homeless have a safe and decent place to live. Her Faith Ministries can help you with cash support if you have difficulty paying rent or utilities. Clothes Closet, another program that provides clothing assistance to families in need of gently used clothes, is also available. Visit their website for more information or to apply, call 901-324-3705.

Almost Home Transitional Housing

This regional social organization is funded by local volunteers. This service provides emergency household items and needs for residents with low or moderate incomes. AHTH also offers temporary shelter assistance if you have a need for emergency housing. Based on your economic circumstances, it can help you with rent and utility assistance. Visit their website to learn more or call 931-968-2503.

Almost Home Transitional Housing

Shepherd’s Arms Rescue Mission

Shepherd’s Arms Rescue Mission, a state-wide organization, provides emergency shelter support and temporary housing for women and their children. This benefit is available to single mothers, whether they are married or not.

Utility Bills Assistance in Tennessee

Tennessee Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP, a federally funded program, aims to assist low- and middle-income people with their utility bills. This program is available to anyone who needs energy assistance or wants to improve their energy efficiency. LIHEAP is served by 19 local agencies in all countries. The Federal Poverty Guideline requires that applicants prove their household income is not less than 150 percent.

Lifeline Service in the State of Tennessee

This is a federally sponsored phone assistance program. Lifeline Program offers monthly discounts for your phone bills depending on the size of your household and your total household income. This benefit is available to Tennessee residents who earn an annual income of at least 135 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

General Financial Assistance for Housing in Tennessee

Catholic Charities of Tennessee

Catholic Charities is an influential non-profit. For single mothers facing financial difficulties, they can help with housing assistance and other services. You can visit their website, or call 615 352 3087 for more information.

The Samaritan Center

Samaritan Center is a statewide social agency that provides emergency assistance to residents with low or moderate incomes. This charity can help single mothers in need of shelter support, clothing, furniture and food. Visit their website for more information or call 423-238-7777.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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