Housing Assistance In Vermont

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Low-income earners have a high need for housing assistance due to high mortgage and rental costs. This article will discuss the resources for housing assistance that are available to low-income single mothers in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children in Vermont.

The Joint Urban Ministry Project

A Drop-In-Center is a program of emergency assistance run by the Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP). They provide financial assistance in the form of vouchers which can be used for utility payments, fuel, food, bus passes, etc. They offer essential household supplies such as diapers and other nonperishable goods.

Emergency Housing Assistance In Vermont

A New Place

A New Place is an organization that offers emergency housing services for the homeless. They offer shelters and services for Vermonters at risk of becoming homeless by losing their homes or those currently facing homelessness.

A New Place

Pathways Vermont

Pathways Vermont is a nonprofit that provides assistance to individuals and families throughout Vermont. Housing First is a housing assistance program to alleviate chronic homelessness and make permanent housing available to the community. Housing First provides support to single mothers who are experiencing homelessness and housing in the community.

Winooski Housing Authorities

The Winooski Housing Authority offers safe and affordable housing options. These opportunities are available to seniors, single mothers, and people with low incomes who face housing difficulties. They aim to provide affordable housing and high-quality property management. They provide housing services without discrimination and make reasonable adjustments to accommodate families and individuals who require them.

Rent Assistance In Vermont

The Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA) 

A Housing Assistance Program was developed by an organization to address housing instability and homelessness in Windsor and Windham Counties. They offer assistance, including payment of security deposits, rent back payment to prevent eviction and the first month’s rent. This also helps with money management, housing placement, landlord tenant mediation and many other services to ensure that families are able to keep their current housing or find decent and affordable housing. 

SEVCA provides housing case management. This service is for families in financial distress and requires intensive assistance. To ensure that they face the challenges head-on, a case manager will be assigned to the family.

The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO) 

The Community Action Housing Assistance Program runs the CVOEO. It works to stabilize housing and prevent single-mother families from becoming homeless. They also have Housing Advocates who can provide information and referrals to help in finding affordable housing. Qualifying applicants receive financial assistance to pay rental debts and security deposits. They may need to provide back rent assistance in the following ways:

  1. A letter from the landlord or an eviction notification. The landlord’s address and phone number must be included in the letter.
  2. Form of lease
  3. Verification of your income over the last 30 days

Burlington Housing Authority (BHA)

Burlington Housing Authority (BHA), which provides affordable housing, allows you to join the fight against homelessness. They offer affordable housing to those in need. The organization also provides support services and rental grants to single mothers. They can then obtain and maintain safe, affordable, permanent housing.

Utility Bills Assistance In Vermont

Utility Bills Assistance In Vermont

Capstone Community Action

A non-profit organization that helps families and communities build strong families. They collaborate with other organizations to provide these vital resources to people in need.

Vermont Crisis Fuel Program

This program provides assistance to eligible households with their primary heating source, including heating oil, propane, kerosene, natural gas, electricity, and wood. You can contact your local Community Action Agency for more information.

Vermont Weatherization Program

This program helps low-income Vermonters reduce their energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The program provides free energy audits and upgrades, such as insulation, weather-stripping, and window and door replacement. Contact your local Community Action Agency to see if you are eligible.

Vermont 3SquaresVT Program

This program provides monthly food assistance to eligible Vermonters to help them purchase groceries. The program is funded by the USDA and administered by the Vermont Department for Children and Families.

Vermont WIC Program

This program provides assistance to pregnant women, new mothers, and young children to ensure they have access to healthy food, nutrition education, and support. The program is funded by the USDA and administered by the Vermont Department of Health.

Vermont Reach Up Program

This program provides assistance to families with children to help them become self-sufficient. Services may include job training, child care, and transportation assistance. The program is funded by the federal government and administered by the Vermont Department for Children and Families.

Eviction Prevention And Legal Assistance In Vermont

Eviction Prevention

The Vermont Legal Aid 

They help the community with civil legal issues that could affect their shelter, health, or job. They offer legal assistance in the following areas: Representation of clients; Availing legal information and advice, and using other resources. Testifying before administrative committees and the legislature about Vermonters’ rights.

The Community Justice Center (CJC) 

Restorative justice is a community-based approach to dealing with misconduct. It focuses on the damages done and the ways to improve the situation. This approach aims to create understanding and accountability, as well as a chance for healing. The Community Conflict Assistance program facilitates dialogue with neighbors and communities. They offer mediation services to help single mothers and other community members resolve conflicts. These conflicts can include landlord-tenant disputes. 

The CJC’s Springfield Restorative Justice Center offers free arbitration services for residents and businesses in Southern Windsor County. Volunteers need to help the CJC deliver these services and repair the community’s conflict. This organization is crucial in the successful reconciliation of tenants and landlords.

Homeless Shelter Assistance (Transitional Housing) In Vermont

Groundworks Shelter

Groundworks Shelter provides a long-term stay for residents and comprehensive case management. They can help you locate and apply for subsidized housing. Shelters are always full, and there is a waiting list.

Samaritan House

Samaritan House provides transitional housing and support services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the Bennington area of Vermont. They also offer case management, education and employment assistance, and other resources to help people rebuild their lives.

John Graham Shelter 

The John Graham Shelter provides emergency and transitional housing for homeless individuals and families in the Addison County area of Vermont. They also offer case management, job training, and other support services to help people achieve stable housing.

Good Samaritan Haven

Good Samaritan Haven provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for homeless individuals and families in central Vermont. They also offer case management, counseling, and other services to help people overcome barriers to housing stability.

Homeowner/Buyer Grants And Housing Assistance In Vermont

Committee on Temporary Shelter

The Committee on Temporary Shelter manages a Housing Resource Center, (HRC), which offers grants to qualified applicants for mortgage payments, back rent and utility deposits. They also have the ability to help with utility debts, security deposits, and utility debts. The following requirements are required for grant applications:

  1. Rent should not be paid in arrears
  2. The applicant must have some type of income
  3. The applicant must reside in Chittenden County
  4. The landlord must agree to continue the rental agreement
  5. The expenses of the applicant must not exceed their income
  6. The applicant must not have received HRC assistance within the past 18 months.

Because of the limited funding available, security-deposit grants can only be for people who are homeless.

Home Improvement Grants In Vermont

Champlain Housing Trust (CHT)

Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) provides financial counseling, homebuyer education, rehabilitation loans, and affordable energy efficiency. The first step to getting a Home Repair Loan is to complete the eligibility packet. CHT will then conduct a site inspection of the home. 

They will assess the project and address any safety and health concerns. All health and safety concerns identified during the assessment must be addressed before funding is granted. For qualified projects, the trust will grant $2,500. CHT will negotiate with you to find a solution if the project’s cost exceeds $2,500.

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