Housing Assistance In Wyoming

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Low-income earners with dependent children, especially single mothers, face difficulties in finding a safe place to call their home. There are many housing assistance programs that can help them provide safe shelter for their children in Wyoming.

Emergency Housing Assistance in Wyoming

The Council of Community Services (CCS) 

They run an emergency shelter for the homeless that provides a warm bed, hot showers, food, and shelter to anyone who isn’t already. Individuals and families are provided with a safe place to meet their basic needs. Homeless families and those living on the streets are at great risk. The shelter provides shelter for children and women. The shelter’s residents can leave the shelter during the day to go on job search or work with staff at their Council office to help them regain their independence.

The shelter is available every day of the week. Through the soup kitchen, CCS provides daily meals. Through the food pantry, they provide nutrition for families in crisis. They provide shelter for individuals and families in times of crisis. They provide assistance to families and help them find permanent housing.

Utility Bills Assistance in Wyoming

Wyoming Weatherization Services

Wyoming Weatherization Services, a non-profit charitable organization that provides weatherization services for Wyoming homes, is available. The Wyoming Weatherization Services is a non-profit organization that helps Wyoming families ensure their homes are safe, energy efficient, comfortable, and secure. This program aims to lower the cost of energy for low income families, especially single-mother families with dependent kids. It does this by improving the energy efficiency of homes and ensuring safety and health standards. This program helps families save money on their utility bills. They offer many free weatherization program to homeowners, including:

  1. Insulation of walls and attics, heat pipes, floors, heat ducts, walls, and water heaters.
  2. Refurbishment of older refrigerators
  3. Testing of efficiency of heating systems
  4. Information on how to keep your home safe and efficient.
  5. Testing and installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Wyoming Weatherization Services

Lifeline Program

Lifeline is a federal program that provides a monthly discount on telephone or internet service to eligible low-income households. To be eligible, a household must have income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, or participate in certain public assistance programs such as Medicaid or SNAP.

Energy Share of Wyoming

Energy Share is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to eligible households for energy-related expenses, such as heating bills, furnace repairs, and propane. The local community action agencies and eligibility administers the program and bases it on income and other factors.

Rocky Mountain Power Assistance Programs

Rocky Mountain Power offers several assistance programs for eligible customers in Wyoming, including the Energy Assistance Fund, which provides emergency assistance with heating bills, and the Payment Assistance Program, which helps eligible customers with bill payment plans and one-time bill payment assistance.

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance in Wyoming

The Equal Justice Wyoming Foundation

Non-profit corporation which supports and strengthens civil and justice legal services by fundraising and other useful activities. This organization helps all people to access equal and complete justice regardless of their income. The organization offers grants to help civil legal service providers and educational efforts. To achieve their vision, the corporation collaborates closely with Wyoming State Bar, Wyoming Supreme Court and Equal Justice Wyoming. With the intention to:

  1. Offer civil legal services for low-income people who aren’t able to obtain legal assistance
  2. To promote awareness and knowledge of the law, offer education projects to the public
  3. You can avail projects that improve the administration of justice.

Wyoming Legal Aid

Wyoming Legal Aid

Wyoming Legal Aid offers free legal assistance to low-income individuals in a variety of areas, including eviction and landlord-tenant issues. They have offices located throughout the state, and you can find more information about their services on their website: 

Legal Assistance of Wyoming

Legal Assistance of Wyoming is another organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals. They have a specific program that focuses on eviction prevention and landlord-tenant issues, and you can find more information about their services on their website: 

Wyoming Fair Housing

Wyoming Fair Housing is a nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy, and legal assistance to tenants who are facing discrimination or harassment from landlords. While they don’t specifically provide eviction prevention services, they may be able to offer legal advice or connect you with other resources. You can learn more about their services on their website: 

Department of Family Services

The Wyoming Department of Family Services offers emergency assistance to individuals and families who are facing eviction or other crises. They can provide financial assistance for rent and utilities, as well as case management and other support services. You can find more information about their programs and eligibility requirements on their website: 

Charities and Churches Housing Assistance in Wyoming

The Community Action of Laramie County (CALC) 

The single-occupancy apartments pose as transitional housing is available, which are accessible to homeless people, as well as larger apartments and homes for low-income families. These housing opportunities include case management. The program focuses on case management and helps those who are eligible to receive assistance.

They accept participants into the program that can commit for either one or two years. Each participant will receive case management that includes housing cases, development of life skills, tackling individual needs, social skills and community interactions. They will also be nurtured with ambitions to achieve a better life. They work to reduce poverty in Laramie County through advocacy, education and community partnership.

Laramie Interfaith

Laramie Interfaith provides a way for neighbors to help each other with their basic needs. You can apply for the organization’s rental assistance. These funds are available for those who are behind on rent payments, job-seekers, and those who are unable to pay dues. Individuals are required to contact their local representative and arrange an appointment for a discussion about the circumstances of the applicant before applying for funding. The staff will help with the application process.

Laramie Interfaith works to reduce the likelihood of their community becoming homeless. Interfaith Good Samaritan works with local agencies to provide emergency assistance to children and women. They offer assistance with utilities, rent assistance, food assistance, and emergency assistance for rent.

Homeless Shelter Assistance in Wyoming

The Cooperative Ministry of Emergency Assistance (COMEA) 

The COMEA offers shelter for five days in an emergency dorm. It also provides basic necessities such as hot showers, clothing, and toiletries. A case manager is required for first-time residents. They will be assisted by a case manager to find the resources that they need. The case management session helps first-time residents learn about the Journey Program, which can help them gain their independence. This organization provides temporary shelter to women and children who are experiencing homelessness.

They work with local resources and programs to create opportunities that promote independent living. The Transitional Living Program is for those who find independent living extremely difficult. Residents are required to pay only a portion of their monthly income in order to rent a studio apartment. Residents are assigned a case manager to help them develop case plans and learn the skills they need to live independently. This will reduce the chance of being homeless again. Residents can stay anywhere from 6 to 24 months under the rental program.

The Seton House 

The Seton House helps single mothers and their children who are homeless. The residents are provided with tools and programs that will help them achieve their independence. Families will be able to go through the various programs, but each family will remain in a fully furnished apartment with all basic necessities. Every family is assigned a case manager who will work closely to empower them. The organization has 30 apartments and a learning center.

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