‘How Do I Keep My Maternity Leave If My Company Gets Sold?’

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Lori Pace

If your company provides a generous paid family-leave benefit but they were just bought by another company with a more restrictive policy. The first question you’ll ask is, can I keep my maternity leave if my company gets sold?

Can I Keep My Maternity Leave If My Company Gets Sold

The second: What is the best way to get my old benefit, but not the new?

It’s possible that you’re “grandmothered” into an old plan. Unfortunately, this is not a certainty. The best thing to do is to contact HR to learn about any changes that may be coming.

Be prepared to accept compromises in the event that the new company doesn’t grant you the leave you had pre-acquisition. You could suggest that you take a few weeks off between the new and old offerings. It’s best to show that you are committed to your company and are willing to be flexible. You can suggest some such as working part-time or from home after your leave.

You might be limited in what you can do if they don’t change. An employer can amend, cancel or modify any part of a leave plan with or without notice. This would effectively end any legal recourse. This is the time to assess whether or not the new company is a good fit for you. A good company will most likely offer you better benefits or at least allow you to keep the same maternity leave benefits if your previous company got sold.

Many wonderful businesses regularly hire pregnant women, and offer generous maternity leave regardless of their tenure. Keep in mind that your state may offer more generous subsidized time than the acquirer if you live in California, New Jersey or New York. Washington, DC is one example of a city that offers generous family leave.

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