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If one day, your kids suddenly ask how many letters in the alphabet are, how will you answer? Or, maybe you are an english teacher, or a language teacher, what do you know about different languages? Did you also know that there was once a 27th letter in the alphabet? This is especially important if you are currently teaching your child the alphabet.

Nowadays, the English alphabet has 26 letters.

Fun fact: Hawaii is one of the newest states in America and it even has its own alphabet, though it’s much shorter.

What is the English alphabet number of letters?

English alphabet

As mentioned above, most of us know that there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. B. C. D. F. G. H. J. K. L. M. N. P. Q. R. S. T. V. W. X, Y and Z are the consonants. Although the vowels are A and E, I, O and U. Sometimes, the letter Y can also be used as a vowel.

Because each letter has many sounds, vowel sounds can differ from consonant sounds. Think of all the different ways that you can pronounce A by simply using words such as apple, fall, and area. Each consonant has one sound. However, there are some exceptions. Letters like C, Y, and G all have one sound. But the letter Y is the most important exception. It can be used as both a vowel or consonant depending on its position in a word. For example, Y can be used in the word “yum” as a consonant. However, it is a vowel when it is used in “why”, or “rhythm”.

But what about the 27th alphabet letter?

You are already familiar with the 27th letter in the alphabet, even though you may not realize it. It was originally called “et” and was actually the “&.” letter. Modern writers use the & to refer to “and”, but it was historically its own letter. It was first created in the very beginning of the century and continued to be used until the 17th century. It was usually found at the end or Z of the alphabet.

What Does the “&” Means?

Et meant “re-bracketed”. When singing or speaking the alphabet, the order was “…XYZ and, and.” This was awkward. It eventually became something entirely different. This is similar to the way that “you all” often translates into “y’all” in different parts of the country. “And” per se evolved into “ampersand” and English speakers now spell “and” when adding words to their lists. 

When was the first letter J created?

There is a fascinating story behind the letter J. J and I were initially considered to be the same character. This is why the letters in the alphabet are located next to one another. It was also the final letter to be added to the alphabet. Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian, created the letter J. He came up with the idea of giving the letters I and J two distinct sounds.

How about other alphabets?

teaching your child the alphabet
Different languages have different number of letters.

How Many Letters in the Arabic Alphabet?

Although the Arabic alphabet is not the same as the English, it is beautiful and the second most popular alphabet writing system worldwide, according to Britannica. The number of characters it contains is also very similar to that of the English alphabet. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters or characters. Most importantly, however, all the Arabic alphabet letters represent consonants. It can also be written from right to left.

How Many Letters in the Greek Alphabet?

The Greek alphabet was split into two main branches around the fifth century BCE. The Ionic alphabet was first used in Athens in 403 BCE. It eventually became the standard, and we now know it as the classic Greek alphabet. It contains 24 letters and seven vowels. The Greek alphabet was originally written from left to right before 500 BCE. However, it eventually switched from left to right.

How Many Letters in the Hawaiian Alphabet?

It had its own culture before the British colonized Hawaii. The Hawaiian alphabet is made up of 12 letters: A E H I K L M N O P U and W. This was a colonized version that they had cultivated to translate the Bible. The alphabet becomes more complex when you include the letters that can either be used without accents or with them (or “diphthongs’ ‘). But that’s the gist. Another interesting fact about the Hawaiian alphabet is: The Hawaiian alphabet is arranged differently to the English alphabet. All vowels are placed at the beginning.

How Many Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet?

Interesting is the Hebrew alphabet, also known as the Ktav Ashuri. The characters are not like English characters and only 22 letters are included. It also has no case, which is quite interesting. You won’t see lower or higher case letters, they are all the same. This alphabet is sometimes referred to as Jewish script or block script. It’s written from right to left, just like the Arabic alphabet.

And Lastly, How About Russian?

Many Russian letters are very similar to English. Their alphabet is 33 characters long. It includes 20 consonants and ten vowels. One semivowel is also included. There are two modifiers that alter the pronunciation of a letter when it’s placed after a consonant, or before a vowel. Although many letters are similar to ours in appearance, they can be pronounced differently. The letter that looks similar to our E actually sounds like a “y” sound. It can be pronounced either “yeh”, or “yo” depending on where the E is located in the word.

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