How Parenting Humor Helps Your Family Relationships

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What’s more satisfying than seeing your baby smile for the first time? Or causing them to giggle uncontrollably? Dads, especially, rely heavily on humor to communicate with their children. The jokes dads tell are known by a common term. These jokes are appropriately called “dad jokes”. According to a post of the Wall Street Journal, dad jokes (a type of parenting humor) can help strengthen relationships between fathers and their children.

Many people have documented the benefits to laughter. A good laugh can lower blood pressure, increase cardiac health, and reduce stress hormone levels. There’s even research that suggests an abdominal exercise is one of the benefits of laughing.

4 Benefits Of Parenting Humor

Parenting Humor Helps In Handling Challenges

Discipline can cause stress for both parents and children. But everyone benefits from reducing tension in a meaningful way. 

The difficult thing was that the harder you try to control your children, the less effective it may become. Therefore, you may overcome the difficulties through creativity, an example of which is humor.

Finding The Funny In The Everyday

You may incorporate humor in almost everything she does. This does not mean that you won’t subject your children to discipline. You still have to make sure your kids know that you’re serious but still have humor when trying to make a point. Make sure you also don’t embarrass anyone with your humor.

Improv As A Way Of Life

Improv is just as much a form of comedy as it is a way for you to live your life. Children have an easier time using their imagination and being creative. It is recommended that you have fun and be spontaneous when playing board games. It is also suggested to play improv games. You can try the “Doctor Know it All” because everyone contributes a word to answer the question.

Family members add a word to complete the sentence if the question is “What is the best birthday gift ever?” No matter the answer, even if it’s a broken toe they embrace it all and that creates confidence and laughter. These families also incorporate humor into their lives by watching comedy together and leveraging on unique experiences shared with their families, aka inside jokes.

Parenting Humor Helps Deal With Everyday Stress

Parenting Humor Helps Deal With Everyday Stress

Parents can also use humor to cope with daily stresses that often come with parenting. It’s best to try to find ways of making light of the situation. It is important to have a sense of humor in order to live a full and fulfilling life. Because taking things too seriously can be exhausting. Even in sad times, smiling makes it easier. 

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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