Time Management for Busy Single Moms – Child Care Tips

Last Updated on September 10, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Joining the busy single moms club is the hardest thing I’ve ever done on my own. I’ve tried every work-life balance idea you can imagine. Working from home, working nights, and trading off with any number of child caretakers.

There will always be the feeling that I’m not doing enough. Life can get overwhelming and isolating, and I so badly want to be the most elegant of the elegant moms.

Rest assured, that’s not me. However, I’m so blessed with understanding and resilient children, a trait I’d like to think they get from me.

Looking back on all of the childcare options and programs I put my almost-perfect children through, I can honestly say there is no winner. I know I need to work and I simply can’t be 100% present at my job and 100% present with my kids all of the time. Even if I weren’t on my own, that’s just not possible.

I thought I’d share all the options I’ve tried through the years, hoping to help some of you amazing and wonderful busy single moms out there.

Resources for Busy Single Moms

DayCare Program – Traditional and Effective

daycare support for busy single moms Choices for daycare are endless. It may not be as hip, but for a mommy of Pre-K-aged kids, I saw it as a valuable resource. Getting them socialized made them quite friendly and conversational. I definitely felt it prepared my oldest for school.

Many moms are tentative because there are so many concerning stories about daycare employees. While those concerns are valid, staying as involved and informed as possible is key. You can’t have your eyes on the kids for the rest of their lives, at some point you need to involve others in the process.

Traditional daycare was an exercise in my own trust as a mother as well as my communication with my kids. The choices your kids make independently really empower them.

The Nanny – One of My Favorites

nanny support for busy single momsWhen working nights and weekends, my nanny was my savior. At an hourly rate rather than a weekly, I could set schedules that would work flexibly. In my case, the nanny was a college student looking for extra cash. Boy, did I love the nanny.

The benefits for me were great, but my kids definitely had it better. Being able to have a younger authority to relate to was a nice way to teach them respect and following rules. They also got to play and hang out in the comfort and safety of our home rather than being out and about. They ran on their own schedule rather than one that was laid out for a whole group of kids without consideration for their individual needs.

Keep your expectations for the nanny concise and create clear boundaries to keep things from getting tense. The major downside to the nanny approach is that they still are an individual with their own individual needs.

You can read more about finding a reliable nanny here.

Grandma and Grandpa – The Family Friendly Option

Grandma and Grandpa support for busy single moms

Not everybody has the benefit of grandparents to look after the grandkids. But if you do, use it! Sure, the kids eat more sugar and watch too much TV, but this is one of those two birds with one-stone babysitting scenarios. Win-win in my book.

But, I’d recommend keeping clear and concise boundaries with your family members to avoid troubles down the road.

Any family member that is willing to spend quality time with my kids is more than welcome to. As a single mother, I want my children to feel the support of the family unit. It is important to me that the relationships they can have are strong ones.

This makes it easy for me to get work done on days my kids are out with the family. It also means surrounding them with family love.

Kid Swap – Great for Busy Single Moms

kidswap for busy single moms
kidswap for busy single moms

You know what they say about raising children: It takes a village. They are spot on. A popular babysitting trend that generally costs little to no money is the kid swap.

Think of it as a co-op for babysitting. One night a week you take somebody’s kids and one night a week they take yours. When there is more than one parental unit involved, this can mean having more time off and more kids at your place a few times a week. It may be a little more emotionally demanding to have a lot of kids over at once, but once there is routine it can be worth it for the money it saves.

While this is most commonly for parents looking to get a night out, I’ve benefited greatly from trading with other single moms for the day. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my child is playing the day away with a friend that he knows rather than with a large class of kids he doesn’t.

So Which of The Options is My Favorite Tips for Busy Single Moms?

I don’t think I have any favorite thing that keeps me from the kiddos. Daycare did make them more friendly and conversational but the nanny was so simple and fulfilling. I’d like to believe there is no simple answer, but I truly hope you find the right fit for you and your kids.

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