How to Ask For Extra Time Off After Maternity Leave

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Lori Pace

It’s not a secret that American women don’t get enough maternity leave. It’s no surprise that working moms often ask for more time off than the allotted leave. Here are four ways to extend your maternity leave by talking to your manager about additional time at home following maternity leave.

How to extend maternity leave

1. Flexibility is the key. You can ask for flexibility if your boss isn’t willing to give you more time off. You could work from home, come in early and leave early, or do a late shift.

Flexibility Is The Key

2. Bank your vacation days. You can accumulate time off if you have it. Save it for when your baby is born. Discuss with your manager the possibility of adding a few days to your maternity leave.

3. Make a plan. It doesn’t matter how long your maternity leave is, it must continue. Employers worry about what work you will do without you. Prepare a plan detailing the how, what, and why of completing your work.

4. Give ample notice. Nobody likes being caught off guard, even the boss. Your boss should have time to review your request and for you to negotiate if necessary.

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