how to love fulltime motherhood

How To Enjoy and Love Fulltime Motherhood

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Motherhood is not easy. Some women find motherhood easy and enjoy every moment. For others, motherhood can be quite a challenge. It’s hard to manage so many things – kids, work, housework, and so on. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You’re not the only one struggling to love fulltime motherhood. We’ll share some helpful tips to help you love being a mother, even when it’s hard.

Why You Don’t Love Fulltime Motherhood

Motherhood is a time of many expectations. You are expected to be calm, loving, engaging, strong, creative, and happy. You are expected to manage a household, work full-time, and all this while also being able to be happy. It sounds impossible to love fulltime motherhood.

Establish Your Priorities a Parent to love fulltime motherhood

The baby is still crying and you are sleep-deprived. You haven’t been able to get any rest for weeks or even years, depending on the age of your children. This is not a recipe for happiness. It can be difficult to live up to all those expectations, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

In the United States, 1 in 7 mothers will experience Postpartum Depression within one year of giving birth. It’s understandable that you might not enjoy motherhood. However, it’s understandable why you might not feel happy as a mother. You want to be the happy and fulfilled mom you imagined when you were pregnant. The good news is that motherhood can be enjoyable, even if it is difficult.

1. Establish Your Priorities as a Parent

What is most important to you? Knowing the answer to this question will make it easier for you to prioritize tasks that are in line with your priorities as parents.

You can be a hands-on mother if you put in the effort to be fully present when you’re with your kids. Maybe your goal is to be a great mom. You may have to give up some household chores or delegate them to someone else in order to be able to spend more time with your children when you’re home. It is important to know your priorities so that you can make the right choices.

2. Accept The Ups and Downs to Love Fulltime Motherhood

Accepting that motherhood will not be easy is the first step in enjoying motherhood. It is normal to feel overwhelmed or exhausted from time to time. Although it might seem like every day is a struggle, there are still moments of joy, peace and happiness. If you’re willing to look for them, all of these moments will be there.

It is not as crazy as it seems, but accepting that motherhood can be hard and things will not go according to plan makes it much easier to accept those difficult moments.

3. Give Yourself a Break

This is not a skill you have to master. Although it’s tempting to focus on your mistakes and question your decisions, ultimately this will not help. Instead, show the same kindness to yourself as you would to others.

Keep in mind that you’re doing your best with what you have, and that good intentions are important even if they don’t always come out of the blue.

4. Build a Support and Loving System for Fulltime Motherhood

Build a Support and Loving System for Fulltime Motherhood

It is important to surround yourself with people who can encourage and support you, especially during difficult times. It’s great to have your husband, family, or friends there, but sometimes it’s not possible.

Consider joining online support groups or your local community if this is you. There are many Facebook groups and other forums for mothers struggling to enjoy motherhood.

5. Find What Works For You

Each mom is unique and different. What works for one mom may not work for the next. It’s important that you embrace your strengths and focus more on the things you love.

Perhaps your friends are a lot more relaxed than you, but this parenting style doesn’t work for them. It is empowering to realize that your motherhood journey is yours and that you don’t need to conform to anyone’s expectations. You’ll actually be happier if you don’t.

6. Really Listen to Your Kids | Love Fulltime Motherhood

Sometimes, motherhood is about enjoying the small things. Listen with interest when your children come up to you and share their day. You can talk about their lives and ask them questions. These moments will not last forever so take the time to enjoy them. They will soon be too busy to talk with you, or worse, too busy to want you to talk.

7. Find A Hobby

A hobby can make motherhood more enjoyable by giving you a place to express your emotions, creativity, and frustrations. A hobby outside the home can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. It will also give you something to discuss with adults other than babies about potty training and milestones.

8. Take Care of Yourself to Love Fulltime Motherhood

Take Care of Yourself to Love Fulltime Motherhood
Find a hobby and remember to take care of your mental health!

Although it may seem obvious, this is often the most important thing to do when motherhood gets difficult. Even if you only have ten minutes a day, it is important to take time for yourself and do things that make your heart happy.

You can do this by reading, going on a walk, or taking a relaxing bath. Being relaxed and more at ease will make motherhood easier.

9. Practice Being Present

It is easy to get lost in the endless to-do lists that come with being a mom. How many times have you been distracted by your phone when your child was trying to tell you about their day? You could tell your child to wait “just a moment” and then continue to work on the next task for the hour. Multitasking and thinking about the next task can make it difficult to be fully present.

Motherhood will be easier if you are more present. You will begin to appreciate the small moments that make motherhood so enjoyable.

10. Let Go of Control to Fully Love Fulltime Motherhood

It’s normal for moms to want to be in control of everything. We want our home, our children and our lives to be just the way we imagine them. Motherhood is not easy if you try to control everything.

It’s not easy but it is possible to relax and let go of some control.

  • You can trust that your home and values will help your children make informed decisions.
  • You can’t do everything all the time. If you keep trying, you’ll get tired.
  • Recognize that managing a household and raising children is difficult work. But you can make it easier if you try.

11. Celebrate the Victories

It doesn’t matter how small, you can find joy in the good times. Give yourself a big pat on the back for getting your child to sleep through the night.

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you can get through a whole day without screaming or yelling at your children. Pass out high fives to everyone who gets everyone out the door on-time in the morning.

Although these little wins may not seem like much, they are proof of the possibility that motherhood can be enjoyable, even when it is difficult.

12. Learn to Laugh at Yourself and Love Fulltime Motherhood

Motherhood can be difficult and it isn’t always easy. There will be bad days and mistakes. That’s part of being human. If you find yourself in one of these moments, be kind to yourself and let it go.

13. See the Big Picture

It’s easy to forget the little things that drive you crazy when motherhood can be hard. It can be frustrating when your child doesn’t eat their vegetables, or hits their sibling. However, it makes it almost impossible to enjoy being a mom if you dwell on these things all day.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives and allowing them to consume you, take a step back and see the bigger picture. These are just moments in time. Your kids will grow from them. You are a good mother in the grand scheme of things and you love your family even though it isn’t always easy.

14. Simplify Your Home

Minimalism to love fulltime motherhood

Did you know that clutter can increase stress and anxiety levels? It’s time to simplify and declutter your home if you feel overwhelmed and constantly annoyed. Cleanliness will make motherhood more enjoyable by reducing stress and making it easier to think clearly.

15. Appreciate What You Have and Your Love for Fulltime Motherhood

It’s easy to wish that everything would be easier when life is difficult and you feel like your every day is spent running from one task into the next. Imagine if it did. Nothing in life is certain and anything can change at any moment.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and are struggling to find motivation to see the positive side of things, think about how you would feel if it happened to those you love most.

Even though it may seem dark and depressing, sometimes the worst-case scenario is enough to remind you how lucky you are and how much your life is taken for granted.

16. Have Fun as a Family

A family that plays together stays together. Make time for your family to have fun together and do something you all love. This will boost your mood, and it will remind you why you chose to be a mother.

17. Make Time for Yourself

It’s okay to take some time for yourself. Self-care is important and should not be neglected. It’s a common saying: You can’t pour from an empty glass. Besides, manage and balance time for your family is another ‘must-have’ skill.

Final Thoughts on Love Fulltime Motherhood

Parenting will bring you good and bad times. It’s a long journey. You won’t be able to fully understand the responsibility until you are actually there. Your time and energy will be in high demand because of the long days and challenging behaviors. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun being a mother.

This simply means you need to be patient, flexible, and open to changing your outlook when things get difficult. Do not let a single incident or difficult moment define your motherhood journey. No matter what your life has been like, you can still have a happy family, no matter how hectic it may seem.

It is important to remember that you have the power to choose how you react to your children and yourself even during difficult times. Remember that you are doing a great job and are a great mother. Remember to have fun, to love, and to live life to its fullest, even when it is difficult.

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