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Implants are beneficial because they can make your smile more beautiful and help with tooth loss. However, dental implants can be expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. So, make sure you get your dental implants covered by an insurance policy, even if it offers extensive coverage.

Dental Implants Can Be Expensive
Dental implants can be expensive

Besides, you should review your current health insurance policy to ensure that you are aware of these facts. You should also know several things if you’re looking for a policy covering dental implant costs.

Find Out Whether Your Insurance Include Dental Implants Covered

The extent of your dental care will depend on the type of insurance you have. So, a few insurance companies offer dental insurance, with some limitations. On the other hand, a comprehensive dental insurance plan is more cost-effective as it provides extended coverage (including dental implants covered) and incredible flexibility.

The following are some of the most popular dental procedures that top health insurance providers cover:

  • Basic Restorative Care – To fit crowns and fillings
  • Preventive Care – For routine visits to dentists and professional cleaning services
  • Oral Surgery – For procedures such as tooth extraction, drainage, fixing dental implants, and tissue biopsy
  • Endodontics – For root canal procedures
  • Orthodontics – For the fixing of retainers, braces, aligners, braces, and palatal expanders
  • Prosthodontics – For the installation of bridges, dentures, and dental implants
  • Periodontics – For root planing, scaling, periodontal, gum grafting, and placement of dental implant.

Best Insurance Plans To Get Dental Implants Covered

Let’s now learn more about the different dental treatments covered by major insurance companies. We will then take a look at some of the best insurance plans for dental implant coverage available in 2021.


Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental offers many dental policies and has an extensive nationwide network of supporters. It is also one of the most well-known and oldest dental insurance providers. Today, it serves more than 80 million Americans. Many plans are available for individuals, families, retirees, and small businesses that offer employer-sponsored dental insurance policies.

Many options are available to the company, including Direct Dental Plans, HMO, and PPO. Furthermore, these plans can be tailored to meet your needs by offering various coverage options and deductibles. Delta Dental plans provide 100% coverage for preventive and routine dental procedures. The plan covers approximately 80% of the costs for basic procedures such as root canals and extractions. It also covers about 50% of major dental procedures such as bridges and dental implants.

Top Features

  • Offers free online quote
  • Provides multiple dental insurance plans
  • You can customize your options to meet your needs


How to Get Dental Implants Covered by Insurance - Denali Dental

Denali Dental offers customised dental insurance that can be tailored to your needs with an increasing amount of coverage each year. Moreover, through an extensive support network, the company provides its services all over the country. Denali Dental is underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America. It also got rated “A” for financial strength in AM Best.

The company offers three types of dental plans: Denali Summit, Denali Ridge, and Denali Peak. Each plan’s premium amounts will vary depending on which company you buy the plan from, where you live, and what plan you select. So, if you want to have your dental implants covered, this dental insurance is a good choice.

Top Features

  • Continued services offer a higher level coverage
  • Offers coverage for major dental procedures in most plans
  • Provides customizable dental insurance plans


How to Get Dental Implants Covered by Insurance - Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental and Vision rank third on this list due to their quick coverage initiation and extensive coverage options. Direct Benefits Inc. operates the Spirit Dental & Vision business, one of the largest health insurance providers in America. The company offers many types of dental insurance policies.

Vision and Spirit Dental insurance plans cover dental implants and other major procedures. Dental health plans are available starting at US$ 50 per month premium and an annual deductible of US$ 100. Spirit is famous for its prompt coverage, which avoids the long waiting period for new policy purchasers. This means that customers immediately receive dental insurance benefits once their insurance application gets approval.

Top Features

  • Insurance coverage is immediate and doesn’t require a waiting period
  • Free quote available online
  • Insurance plans cover dental implants and major oral care services



Cigna offers two types of dental insurance plans as part of its group health insurance policy. Cigna Dental plans are a great option for employers looking to provide affordable and comprehensive dental care to their employees.

It’s best that you contact Cigna to get more information about employer-sponsored dental plans.

Top Features

  • Excellent financial rating and reliable insurance provider
  • Insurance company rumored to be in business
  • Group insurance that is top-of-the line

Tips Of How to Get Dental Implants Covered By Insurance

Tips Of How To Get Dental Implants Covered By Insurance

Above is our selection of the top insurance plans that cover dental implants. However, experts recommend that all individuals have valid insurance covering minor and major dental procedures. This also includes dental implants. 

Besides, if you cannot find the information you need to cover your dental implants, you can get information about general government grants for dental implants on our page!

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