How To Get Free Clothes Legit?

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Clothes are a basic necessity in life, along with food, water and shelter. It can be quite rewarding knowing you are able to get clothes for free from various sources. So, if you are single moms in a difficult situation, or a low-income family, we hope these information can help you when you need.

How To Get Free Clothes?

Rue La La

Refer friends to and you will earn credits. Once you have reached the minimum credit amount, you can save money and get free clothes.

They offer several programs that can help you get clothes for free. One is the friend referral program. This gives your friend 40% off their first purchase and you 40% off every friend who purchases. Regular raffle prizes include a gift certificate worth $100.


ThredUP operates an online thrift shop. Although it doesn’t give away clothes, when you purchase one of their heavily discounted items, you will earn points ($1 = 1 Point) which can be used to get standard shipping free of charge, waived restocking fees and credit as well as other rewards.

ThredUp’s advantage is its ability to cater to a broad range of customers, including women’s and men’s clothing. You can also find plus-sized, maternity, accessories and shoes.

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway lets you keep up to date with fashion trends by renting clothes you see on the runway. While “free clothes’  is not advertised here, all new members receive a special offer for any membership that includes code: GETDRESSED.

Stitch Fix For Free Clothes?

Stitch Fix For Free Clothes

Stitchfix allows anyone to have their own stylist, without having to pay for them. Refer people to Stitch Fix to get the best of this site. Refer a friend to the Stitch Fix and you will get credits worth $10-30 per successful referral.

Swagbucks & My Points (Survey Sites)

After completing each survey, points are saved to your account. Once you reach a certain amount, you can exchange them for cash (usually via Paypal). This fund, which was earned by doing almost nothing, can be used to pay for your new clothes.

Inbox Dollars & Other Get-Paid-To Sites

You can also take surveys if you don’t like them. InboxDollars asks its members to perform such tasks in return for points which can be converted into gift cards or cash.

The Nordy Club, Kohl’s Rewards & Similar Loyalty Programs

Many brands offer loyalty programs, similar to referral points. These programs encourage customers to purchase more. You can earn points every time you shop at their store. These points could be used to redeem for free clothes in the near future. This is demonstrated by the Kohl’s Rewards and Nordstrom’s reward programs .

These methods are legal and allow you to convert rewards, points or cashback into cash. Many people have received money by simply shopping on a certain app, answering surveys and referring customers to certain stores.

You will need patience as it may take several weeks or even months to earn enough money to pay you a check. Only then can you use your cash to purchase new clothes and other items.

Rehash Clothes, Vinted, Swap Society & Other Cloth-Swapping Sites

Clothes swapping has become more popular in recent years. You can get rid of clothes that you don’t wear anymore and keep them out of the landfills by giving them to someone who wants them. Your wardrobe will be updated.

Thrift Stores For Free Clothes

Even thrift shops sometimes offer clothes for free if they are piled up on a rack or in a box. You might need to go through many clothes before you find the right size. Even if there aren’t any clothes for sale at thrift stores, you might find clothes that are dirt-cheap and free.

Free Clothing Closets

There are clothing banks that will give you clothes if you are in financial trouble (e.g. loss of income or face emergency situations (e.g. fire).

Free Clothing Closets

You can check non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army and Community Clothes Store. These organizations have provided over 2,000,000 coats to children in dire need since 1998. You may be required to complete paperwork by some organizations before you receive items.

Free Clothes From Craigslist

Look for free clothing on your Craigslist. Send an email to the poster if you find something that interests you. Craigslist meetups are required to close deals. Meetups can be held in public places or with friends.

Local Garage Sale

Garage sales can also offer cool clothes at a fraction of the cost or free, just like thrift shops. Look for garage sales in your area by checking the bulletin boards. If you are looking to purchase clothing, don’t be afraid to bargain.

You can also organize a marathon of garage sales if you have the time. Search for yard sales in your area via this site, Garage Sales Finder.

This online community is very similar to Craigslist in that it is divided into local chapters. However, focuses only on items available for free.


OfferUp is only available in the United States. It allows people to post local buy and sell items. It functions in the same way as Craigslist. For new and used clothes, check out the “free” section.

Facebook Market With Free Clothes

Many people sell their stuff through Facebook’s Marketplace or Groups. Facebook Marketplace has the buy-and-sell section. Although most listings are for sale, there is the possibility of finding free clothing (or other items) here.

You will need to do some digging in order to find the right Facebook group. You can have a group that is free, or a group for your community only. Check the posts to see if anyone gives away clothes. To participate in Marketplace and Groups, you will need a Facebook account.


Freegle can help you find stuff you don’t need or get rid of items. They will match you with a local person at no cost to you. Start by entering your location, and then wait for Freegle to work its magic.

Mix And Match Coupon Codes

You can save money shopping on clothing websites by using coupons. Use the extra money you save to get free clothes. You may be able to use multiple coupon codes at once to receive free clothing if you are lucky.

Become An Estate Cleaner

Although this job isn’t permanent, it could be an option if you want to make some extra cash. You will be responsible for cleaning out the estate of someone you care about. This is often needed when someone dies, and the family must decide what to do.

4 Ways Of Getting Free Clothes By Mail

These three options will suit you if you don’t want cashback or rewards but still prefer brand-new clothes.

Become A Fashion Authority

This is a long-term strategy. You can promote an Instagram account or start a fashion blog if you are a good writer with a sense of style and great social media skills.

Brands will soon notice your online space, whether it’s social media or your website, and will send you clothes by mail. Most companies only want to see the review and the publicity that it brings.

Watch Out For T-Shirt Giveaways Online

Follow apparel companies on Instagram and join giveaways. You’ll be amazed at how fashion brands, big and small, use giveaways to promote their clothes. You can also use the subreddits Freebies or Giveaways if you have trouble finding brands.

Become A Product Tester To Get Free Clothes

Sometimes, companies need the assistance of regular consumers to test new products. You can get clothes for free (and you can wear them for weeks, months, or keep them for yourself), by signing up for product testing programs such as those offered by Under Armour and Nike, Glamorise or Carhartt.

Ask Top Brands For Free Clothes

Sometimes all you have to do is ask and you will receive. You can think of several companies you would like to receive freebies from. Then, head to their websites. There is usually a contact page.

Tell them how much you love their products and how long you have been using them. Then, ask them if you would like to be sent clothes or other swag by them as a loyal customer. You can be as specific as possible. If the form does not ask for it, include your shipping address.

You never know what you may get. The best case scenario is you will get what you want. You might get coupons or free shipping for your next order even if you don’t.

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