how to spend the day alone as a single mom

Fun Things to do by Yourself – 20 Ideas for Singles

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

We often discourage ourselves from having fun simply because we’re alone, while there are many exciting ideas on how to spend the day alone if we take a moment to look for it. However, parents have a whirlwind of activity every day, and single moms often struggle to find time for themselves.

When you have a day or two to spend by yourself, you fill the days with chores and menial tasks. We rarely take a moment to acknowledge that we’re alone and find a way to enjoy the feeling. Loneliness can also easily find roots in our lives if we let it.

So, sit with your feelings of aloneness today, have yourselves a moment, and then do something nice for yourself. Nothing is too big or too small as long as you enjoy the time you have with yourself today.

Fun Ideas: How to Spend a Day Alone.

10 Things To Do At Home:

1. Movie Night. Put your to-do list aside, put on your favorite Netflix show, pop some popcorn, and have an excellent old binge-fest. You deserve it – even if you think you don’t.

2. Plant a herb garden. It’s a great addition to your kitchen window sill or if your outdoor garden is looking a bit bleak. Nothing tastes better than the fruit of your effort.

3. Have an at-home-salon day. Put on a facemask, grab the cucumbers, make some herbal tea. Now exfoliate, shave, do your nails and bask in how gorgeous you are.

4. Bake something. Quarantine has made us all master bakers, so grab one of your favorite recipes and make something delicious. Your house will smell great too.

5. Rearrange your furniture. You’ll get a fun workout and a fresh perspective of your home.

6. Workout or Meditate. Find a free workout or meditation app and move your body! It’s the best way to get your mind of things and wake up those endorphins.

7. Host a Zoom-party. You’ll technically not be alone for this one, but you’ll connect with all your favorite people you rarely get to see.

8. Have your own dinner party. Pour a glass of wine, put on some of your favorite music, and cook yourself a gourmet, home-cooked meal for one.

9. Read a book. Pick up that book you’ve been putting off reading.

10. Do a DIY project in your home. Check out your Pinterest boards; there are probably some projects on there that you haven’t got around to yet.

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10 Things to do by Yourself:

1. Go hiking or walking. Head out for a long walk or hike in nature. Look for a peaceful place to stroll and connect with yourself and the outdoors.

2. Salon day. Book yourself an appointment to get your hair or nails done.

3. Take yourself out on a date in your local town or city. Explore the bookshops and have a nice lunch at a cafe you’ve never been to before.

4. Do a class. Sign yourself up for a class at your local community center.

5. Have a picnic. Pack yourself a picnic and treat yourself to a lazy day of eating and reading in the park.

6. Go shopping. Head to the mall with a few ideas in your head of what pretty things you may or may not need. Because there’s no therapy like retail therapy.

7. Go to the movies alone. You know that movie or theatre piece only you would ever be interested in, and you can’t convince anyone you know to see? Watch that alone.

8. Volunteer at a local animal or homeless shelter. Nothing can take your mind off things as quickly as giving back to your community.

9. Take a long drive. Go for a drive to a new place, remember to blare the music while driving!

10. Join a workout group or book club. There will be people there so that you won’t be spending the day alone. But you never know what exciting things may happen because you decided to show up for yourself and went alone.

These are just some of the ways you can also choose to take care of yourself. None of them have to do with chores, stress, or guilt!

Getting away from it all is just a decision you have to make. Everyone needs to know how to spend a day alone, especially single moms who never seem to have time for anything.

Otherwise, the whole family suffers from a stressed-out, overworked, overwhelmed woman operating on all cylinders all the time!

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