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10 Steps Of How To Stop Yelling

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Most parents believe they should stop shouting. But how to stop yelling? On the other hand, they don’t believe that there is another way to get their child’s attention. It’s the parents’ job to teach their children. How else can they get them to listen? They don’t feel hurt by our yelling; they are not able to listen and they even roll their eyes. They know that we love them, even when we yell. Right?

Wrong. Yelling is a frightening thing for children, that’s bad parenting. They become more hardened towards us when we yell. When we shout, it causes kids to go into fight, flight, or freeze and they stop learning what we are trying to teach. It also trains children to not listen to us until our voices are raised. Your anger is not something your child seems afraid of. This indicates that he has seen too much of it, and has developed defenses against you. This can lead to a child who is less inclined to behave.

What Happens When You Continue to Yell at Your Children

Our anger drives kids of all ages away, regardless of whether they are displaying it. Yelling at them almost guarantees that they will have an “attitude” when they are ten years old, and that fighting will become a regular part of their teens years. As kids become more open to peer pressures, their hearts will harden. Just when we most need it, our influence is lost with them.

anger drives kids of all ages away
Yell at kids just drive them further away from you!

Believe it or not, you can find homes where parents aren’t angry at their children. I’m not referring to a home that is cold and doesn’t allow for emotion–we all know it’s not healthy. These parents are not perfect parents or have perfect children. There is no such thing. These are homes where parents can get mad at their children and push their buttons. However, they are aware of their emotions and are able to control them so that their children don’t get hurt.

10 Steps Of How To Stop Yelling At Your Children

Commit To Your Child That You’ll Use A Respectful Voice

Who else is going to hold you accountable? Tell your children that you are learning and that mistakes will happen. But that you will improve.

Realize That Your No. 1 Job As A Parent Is To Manage Your Own Emotions

Empathy is a way for children to learn empathy . When we raise our voices at them, they learn to scream at you.

Remember That Kids Will Act Like Kids—That’s Their Job! 

Kids Will Act Like Kids

They are still young humans learning. They push the limits to find what is solid. They are open to the possibility of power and learn how to responsibly use it. They won’t fully develop their frontal cortex until they are 25 years old, so emotions can often take control. This means that they don’t have the ability to think clearly when they’re angry. They don’t like being controlled, just like all humans.

How to Stop Yelling By Stop Gathering “Kindling”

Those resentments that you build up when you have a bad day. A firestorm will soon follow if you don’t have enough of it. Instead of allowing yourself to be depressed, accept responsibility for your mood and give yourself the support you need to move to a happier place.

Offer Empathy When Your Child Expresses Emotion (Any Emotion)

Children can learn to manage their emotions and their behavior. Children will feel understood and less likely to get so upset that they don’t want to deal with it.

Stay Connected And See Things From Your Child’s Perspective 

Do this even when you set limits. Children believe that we are on their side and want to behave. They also tend to be more open to accepting our limitations, which means they don’t push us as much.

How to Stop Yelling When You Get Angry? Just Stop!

How to Stop Yelling When You Get Angry? Just Stop!

Do not take any actions or make any decisions. Deepen your breathing. Stop yelling if you are already screaming. Don’t continue until you’re calm.

Breathe And Just Notice Your Feelings

If possible, get out of the situation. Otherwise, splash some water on your face and shift your focus from your child to your inner world. Fear, sadness, and despair are all under that anger. All that anger should be let go and you can just breathe. If you feel the need, let out your tears. The anger will melt away once you allow yourself to feel the anger, even if it’s not your fault.

Find Your Own Wisdom

Imagine a calmer place where you can see the angel who looks out for all involved and wishes the best for everyone. This is your personal parenting coach. What is her advice? She could give you a mantra that will help you see things differently. What would she recommend to help things move along a better track? What can you do now to raise your kid better? This step is essential. 

Take Positive Action From This Calmer Place

This could mean asking your child to reconsider. You may have to apologize . You might be able to help your child deal with her emotions so that she can have a good cry. You might just want to relax with your children and read a book until you feel better. You can make everyone feel and do better by taking one small step.

Final Remark of How to Stop Yelling

The bad news? It’s hard to do as how hard it is to raise a kid. This takes a lot of self-control and you will keep making the same mistakes over and over. Don’t give up. Good news! It works. It becomes easier to stop shouting, and even easier to stop before your mouth opens. Keep moving in the right direction. You’ll eventually realize it has been many months since you last yelled at someone.

Better news! You will see your child transform right before your eyes, they become much happier. He will learn to manage his anger and not lash out. He will be more cooperative. You’ll also see him “listen” to you, even if you don’t raise your voice.

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