Write a Dating Profile for Single Moms

How to Write a Dating Profile for Single Moms

Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

With the fast pace of technology development, single moms don’t have to restrict themselves from meeting other people in the old fashioned way: going to bars or through friends’ introduction. Nowadays, online dating is a booming platform for everyone to find “the one”. So, how Single Moms can write a daunting dating profile to ensure their opportunities of meeting the right people?

6 Tips on How to write a dating profile for Single Moms

There are 5 tips tips to help you if you find yourself mentally composing a profile on dating sites:

1. Start with a hook using a sense of humour

The first sentence should be something that grabs others’ attention and shows your sense of humour.

Even though everyone is on the same boat when it comes to online dating, but no one wants to see a boring and not enthusiastic introduction like “I always thought online dating was lame, but my friends made me do it.”

2. What makes you unique?

It may sound like a business pitch, but everyone is unique. So, to write an attractive dating profile for single moms, make sure that you emphasise your exceptional value.

A girlfriend once made a joke that if all the guys who claim they love long hikes actually hiked, there’d be fewer people at the movies and more people on the hiking trails.

So, do you know how to make balloon animals? Did you complete your MBA? Did you invent something? Are you an entrepreneur? Can you cook many different cuisines? Write it down and embrace your uniqueness.

3. Don’t talk about your kids when writing a dating profile

It may be a bit harsh to hear but from the beginning, it might be better if you don’t mention your kids. If you meet the right person, and the timing is right, there will be plenty of chances to talk about your kids later.

4. Leave your baggage at the door. 

Write a Dating Profile for Single Moms
Single moms should give themselves a second chance!

What it means is don’t list every quality you are looking for in a mate. While that’s not a bad thing, it might come across as demanding and criticising people. Imagine how you feel reading a bio that has a list of criteria that they are looking for in a mate, how will you react? It’s more like a job application than finding a mate or just a normal date.

Besides, putting all of these information in your dating profile is like putting a list of what had been wrong in your previous relationship. And the same goes for guys.

“No more drama mamas!”

“I don’t want to date a crazy girl.”

5. Keep it light. 

Unless you’re on eHarmony. Honestly, don’t put anything in your profile you wouldn’t tell someone at a cocktail party. This is your introduction. Keep it under 350 words and keep it light! The rest is spent for your date, for your conversation. You are not writing a thesis for your professors.

6. Be honest.

This might be the hardest thing to do when it comes to writing an online dating profile for single moms. However, being honest does not mean you write everything about yourself. It means whatever you say about yourself, it reflects who you are.

Don’t say you are a traveller if all you want to do is stay at home and read a book.

Don’t try to be cool as “I can dance salsa” while, in fact, you hate dancing.

Have fun when write a dating profile for Single Moms

We know that being single moms can be lonely and challenging no matter what happens. Sometimes you will wonder if you should start dating again. Don’t worry! Don’t overthink. You are worth it and more important, you are an amazing woman! Giving yourself a chance to find new love, or just a date, is totally fine. So, don’t feel pressure! Have fun, and enjoy the ride!

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